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Sparklite Review

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Posted 01 May 2020 - 03:53 PM



Sparklite is a neat little action-adventure game that I hadn't really heard of until I noticed it one day in a clearance bin. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. You play as Ada, a girl who crash lands in a mysterious place and only has her trusty wrench to protect her. The game plays like a rogue-lite with the surface world rearranging every time you set out to explore. When you die you are scooped back to safety losing some of your sparklite (this game's currency) and your usable items, but you get to keep your patches (power ups). As you explore the 5 themed areas you start to unravel who you are and the motivation of the forces trying to stop you.



It's not a long game and isn't particularly difficult as you can always buy and upgrade patches until the enemies become more of a nuisance than anything else. I enjoyed the time it lasted, however and it was even more fun in co-op with my daughter. A second player can join in and help find treasures and light dark areas. It's a style of co-op that's great for younger players because the second player can't die, though they can't actually fight either. If you are a more hardcore type gamer I would only recommend this title if you want a decently quick an easy platinum.


Sparklite is an indie game from a small studio (only 3 employees) so it's missing a bit of polish. I had multiple crashes that interrupted good runs. Luckily, I kept most of what I had found, though I had to start with a newly randomized world. I also had times where my character or her companion would go invisible or just be missing entirely which then required a restart. Being a rogue-lite you want a lot of variations on the random level generation, but every area felt similar and even within a single area the same level tiles were re-used. The enemy variety was decent but towards the end of the game palette swaps became just simple color changes with none of the variations in the sprites that earlier swaps had. The denizens of the world are also few and far between with very little to say.


Looking past its faults, Sparklite is a decent game that I am glad I got to play with my daughter. If you can grab it on sale I'd say go for it. It's a fun 10 hours and I'm looking forward to seeing what this developer comes up with next.





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