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Paper Beast


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Posted 20 March 2020 - 10:58 AM

Posted Image



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 22 ( 1 :plat 6Posted Image, 8Posted Image, 7Posted Image)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3 to 5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, you can use chapter select
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Do trophies stack?: yes, EU and NA
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None known
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: PSVR


Paper beast is a walking game in the genre like journey and flower. So can feel slow paced. Along the way you will need to complete a few puzzles, with the help of the beast.


The game looks stunning for a VR game. I would recommend to play this first without solutions.
When you complete the game, you can relax in a free mode called sandbox and observe all unlocks.

Click here to view the article


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Posted 20 March 2020 - 10:58 AM

Start simulation


2S41c172.png Another world  Begin the adventure for the first time.


Start the game up and the trophy will popped during the song.


12Sdcd32d.png Walkman  Carry the tape recorder to the sinkhole area.


Chapter 1: You need to carry, push the recorder all the way to the end of the chapter.

This took me close to 1 hour to complete this. Better to do this after you finished the game.


Or you can go leash the walkman and throw in the canyon. You still need to push it a bit until the sink hole.

Credit to anthonyfr2012 for the video.


6S8bc985.png Rescue me  Save the Papyvorus from the Predator.


Chapter 1.2: When you enter the tunnel, you will see a white and coloured beast at some point.

Pick up the white beast and hold it in the air while moving forward to the edge.

When the big beast drops off the edge, put down the white one and trophy will pop.


14S68c5e7.png Cube  Find the heat block in the first chapter.


Chapter 1.2: Dropping from the edge for the rescue me trophy, look right for a cave.

Follow it to the end to find the cube.



10S8c0918.png Contemplation  Observe the Data Sea.


Chapter 2.3: Go forward until you can look in the black hole.

I think you have to stand still here for the entire song from the original soundtrack, witch is 2.22 minutes.

Just stand still until the trophy pops.



11S565b7a.png Up  Tie a balloon to a Predator.

Chapter 5.3: When you get to the end of the chapter, balloons will drop from the tree.

Pick one up and tie it on a predator, a colour beast.



13S05b21e.png Paperstar  Catch a shooting star as it flies.


Chapter 6.1: When starting the level from inside your balloon, look left in the sky.

When a star falls down, try to catch it. You will have a couple of tries until you land.


7S2aafd1.png I don't want a hug  Finish chapter 6.4 without the tape recorder getting grabbed.


Chapter 6.4: You need to finish the level without the recorder getting grabbed by the pink tentacles.

Use the parachute on the recorder and now move it over the mountain to take the shortest path and avoid the pink tentacles. You will need to replace yourself a couple of times to get a better grip on the parachute.




4Sbd8f7b.png Thanks for playing  Finish the adventure.


The trophy will popped after the credits on the moon.


5S9602b6.png Boy's surface  Unlock all entities for the Sandbox.


This are the collectibles in the game, they look like orbs. When you complete the game, you can see which ones you are missing. You don't need to complete the chapter again, just pick it up and quit to menu.


Chapter 2.4: Story related, you will need to pick this up when the beast drops it in front of a mirror.


Chapter 3.2: From starting point, move behind the blue rock on the far right. It's on the ground.


Chapter 3.4: It's behind the big red dragon.


Chapter 4.1: On a ledge on the left, facing the hill with the tree.


Chapter 4.3: Go to the burning block, pick it up. Now use it on the lake to the rightt to melt the ice and reveal the orb.


Chapter 5.3: Move all the way to the end of the level, to see a stone arc. Move a bit further, the orb will appear in plain side near the edge.


Chapter 6.2: From starting point, keep right. The orb is behind a rock. A bit dark here.


Chapter 6.3: Use the teleportation block to get on the other side of the river. The orb is next to the block.


Chapter 6.4: On the left of the ice dam, between 4 green creatures in plain side. You will come across this one if you are going for the trophy I don't want a hug.


Chapter 7.2: This one is hard to see, because it's very dark here. In the tunnel, go to the first plant on the right that give a bit of light. Now turn 180° facing starting point, you will see a little dot lighting up on the left.

Move closer to find the orb.


Chapter 7.3: From starting point on the moon, look up in the sky to find the orb.


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Posted 20 March 2020 - 10:58 AM



Now you found everything, it's time to use it in sandbox, this will take only 10 minutes.


20S28eb5b.png Hexapoda Have at least 8 insects in the Sandbox.


Drop 8 insects in the sand, I used stackers.


21S05a846.png Papyvorus herd  Have at least 8 Papyvorus in the Sandbox.


Drop 8 papyvorus, the white ones.


3S6d8401.png This is a simulation  Drop your first entity in the Sandbox.


Trophy will poppped when you place your first entity in the sandbox, for me the insect.



9S440c7e.png Sun  Set the sun on the horizon.


Pick the sun symbol and move the sun close to the horizon.



8S0b1bd6.pngZarathustra  Ground Control to...


Throw the spinning top for zero-G in the sandbox.


15Sc57f37.pngKaboom!  Use a blast capsule.


Use the blast capsule and wait for the explosion.



16S8ea0e0.png Botanist  Uproot a large desert plant.


Plant a desert plant. Wait until it's fully grown, it will drop seed for new plants. Then pull the plant from the ground.


17S9b3ec3.png Babylon  Plant a tree in the Sandbox.


Plant a tree in the sandbox.


18Se4b077.pngStorm  Start a storm in the Sandbox.


Use storm in the sandbox, sandstorm doesn't work for the trophy.


22S6dec75.pngSplasher  Stay fresh.


Unlocked for me the second time I entered sandbox. But I used everything in sandbox.

So this could be a storm when everything is flooded with water.

I dropped the ice star in a puddle of water.


This did the trick for others:


Anthonyfr2012: i had to make a litte mountain of water to get the succes


Sefjwm: randomly adding sand and it popped




19S631f1c.png Dust  Use terraformation in God mode.


When placing something in the sandbox, like a rock or sand, press left stick to enter god mode.


1S85982c.pngPaper beast master  Unlock all trophies.


Unlock all the trophies.


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Posted 03 April 2020 - 11:23 PM

Nice work Dim


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