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L.A Noire: The VR Case Files - Text Walkthrough

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Posted 09 November 2019 - 10:14 AM

L.A Noire: The VR Case Files
Text Walkthrough.



Credit to sef for the banner






  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies:  21 [ :plat 1  :gold 8   :silver 6    :bronze  ]
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: Plenty. But You can select to replay any cases.
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No. There is only one difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: No.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.
  • Additional peripherals required?: VR Required



Collectables info:


Collectables Total: 35.  

20 Police Badges. 

8 Novels.

7 Records.


If you struggle to find any of the collectables during this walkthrough, you can refer to these videos to show you the locations. Credit to GTA Series Videos for collectables locations:

20 Police Badges locations video LINK.

8 Novels locations video LINK.

7 Records locations video LINK.




Anytime cumulative trophies to keep in mind-


  • :silver All You Can Eat Herring - Pick up 100 random objects.
  • :silver Wooden Overcoats - Kill 30 bad guys with head shots.
  • :silver In Your Face - Land 50 slaps during any fist fights.
  • :silver Miles On The Clock  - Drive more than 19.47 miles. If you drive to all locations instead of warp this will unlock before you finish all cases. OR warp to all locations then when you've finished the game just farm it by loading up Ch2 'Upon Reflection' from the starting point just floor it at top speed down all the long and straight roads, and it will only take about 5-10 mins for the trophy to unlock.






This game is a rated 18 dark and violent crime thriller set in 1940's Los Angeles. You play as Detective Cole Phelps to solve brutal crimes, plots and conspiracies inspired by real life cases from 1947 Los Angeles, one of the most corrupt and violent times in L.A history.


L.A Noire: The VR Case files plucks 7 cases from the original Rockstar classic L.A Noire, and has rebuilt them specifically for virtual reality to create new layers of immersion and realism to this atmospheric crime thriller.


Trophy and game wise you can play blind, but if you keep failing interrogations the game will force you to keep replaying the scene until you get the right answers, which can be quite annoying as I found out! Hence making this walkthrough for you to make things much speedier for you, so I highly recommend you at least look up the interview/interrogation sequences written below. Also it will be much quicker to know exactly where to go and look to pick up clues and collectables instead of hunting around everywhere until you finally find things enabling you to progress. So everything you need to know to complete the game and get all trophies is outlined below! I hope you enjoy the game and walkthrough :)

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#2 EssTee



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Posted 12 November 2019 - 02:59 PM

Text Walkthrough.



Continuously work on these 4 cumulative trophies throughout your whole playthrough:


  • :silver  All You Can Eat Herring - Pick up 100 random objects. Anything will count.
  • :silver In Your Face - Land 50 slaps during any fist fights.
  • :silver Wooden Overcoats - Kill 30 bad guys with head shots. Shoot-outs are in cases 2, 6 & 7.
  • :silver Miles On The Clock  - Drive more than 19.47 miles. If you drive instead of warp to all locations this will unlock naturally. OR warp to every location, and when you've finished the game just farm it in Case 2 'Upon Reflection' from the starting point just floor it at top speed in a straight line down all the long and straight roads, which is what I did and it only took 6 mins for the trophy to unlock.



Pre-case Starting Area Phelps Office: (Total Collectables 1 - 1 Police Badge.)



*when you close out of the game, when you restart you can select 'Cases' from the black and white wall, which will bring you back to this office where you can replay any case you have played from the document on the desk.*


Police Badge (1/20) - During the tutorial before starting a case, this badge is in the corner of the office on the armchair.


:gold Wherever I Lay My Hat (1/21) - Throw a hat on the hat rack in the office. Hat rack is next to the mirror. You can do a very small throw from very close making this trophy very easy.


(*If this is Smash playing or someone who wants a faster completion time, do  'Wherever I Lay My Hat (1/21)' & 'Back To The 40's (2/21)' trophies LAST after finishing the game! *)



Case 1 Armed and Dangerous: (Total Collectables 0.)



Just enjoy a shootout. Try to get some head shots. 



Case 2 Upon Reflection: (Total Collectables 2 - 1 Police Badge, 1 Novel.)



:gold Back To The 40's trophy (2/21) - Drive faster than 88 mph for 10 seconds. At the start just drive straight ahead from the cars starting point in a straight line, floor it and don't crash! (*The clock will read that you are going slower but as long as your'e at full speed without crashes for a little while the trophy will unlock.)



Alleyway Crime Scene:



Police Badge (2/20) - At the Alleyway Crime Scene. On a windowsill on the left before the dumpster.


Clue - Blood splattered door. (Just past last Police Badge).


Clue - Revolver on rooftop. Go through yellow open gate and climb the drainpipe. Gun is on left of rooftop.



Gun Store:



Clue/POI - In blue book select name 'Errol Schroeder'.



Errol Schroeder's Apartment:



Enter house over the road next to the menswear shop, inside inspect the mailbox's to find Errol Schroeder's Apartment number (#2).


Novel (1/8) In Schroeder's Apartment. Underneath the sofa pillow in the living room. (Grab this first before the drawer clue or the scene will change and you'll miss it.)


*You can also pick up all the other random objects in this apartment to unlock 'All You Can Eat Herring' trophy early.*


Clue - Notebook. In drawer on left hand side of room.



Case 3 Buyer Beware: (Total Collectables 3 - 2 Police Badges, 1 Novel.)



Nunn Bush Shoes Crime Scene:



Clue - Layaway Voucher. Roll over corpse, open jacket, inspect inside pocket.


Clue - Shell Casings. On the floor to the left of the corpse, look at both.


Clue - FN Browning Handgun. In the bin, by the shell casings.


Police Badge (3/20)  - Behind the bin where you found the FN Browning Handgun.


Clue/POI - Witness. Speak to the man outside the shop.



Inside Nunn Bush Shoes Store:



Novel (2/8) - In Nun Bush Shoes Store. On the round sofa at the back. *Grab this BEFORE talking to the lady.*



Interview the store lady Clovis Galetta:



(*Don't put your notebook away before she has finished talking or you'll have to do it again.)

Question: Eyewitness Account - ACCUSE. 

Evidence - Layaway Voucher.

Q: Possible Murder Suspect - GOOD COP.

Q: Details of Shooting - GOOD COP.



Eagleson's Gun Store:



Police Badge (4/20) - In Eagleson's Gun Store, under the bear statue.


Clue - Murder Weapon Serviced. Just by speaking to the shop staff.



Hartfields Jewellery Store:



Speak to Edgar Kalou. Chase him, fist fight.


*During fist fight just keep slapping him to unlock 'In Your Face' trophy early.*



Interrogation Room with Edgar Kahlou:



Q: Argument with Gage - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Suspect Positively Identified.

Q: Possible Religious Motive - BAD COP



Case 4 The Consul's Car: (Total Collectables 7 - 5 Police Badges, 1 Novel, 1 Record.)



Record (1/7) - At start in the Briefing Room. On the lower shelf of the podium, that the man from the front of the room is speaking from.


Police Badge (5/20) - In Captain James Donelly's Office. (Turn right out of the briefing room, and Donelly's office will be on the left next to the stairs), on the shelf behind his desk.


Police Badge (6/20) - In Police Station basement locker room, on top of a urinal round the corner. (Go down the stairs by James Donnelly's Office, then follow sign for 'Technical Services' to find the next set of stairs leading down to the basement, locker room is on the right.)



Jacob's Backyard:



Clue - Missing Flag. On the front of the car.


:bronze One For The File trophy (3/21) - Inspect first clue.


Clue - Missing Number Plate.  Inspect the car.


Clue - Missing Wheel. Inspect the car.


Clue - Vehicle Registration Slip. Inside the car.


Clue - Wrench. By a little broken crate on the floor in middle of the yard.


Police Badge (7/20) - In the yard in the bush by the yellow barriers with the cop leaning on then with his back to you. It's hard to find but its on the edge of the bush directly facing the car.


:silver Home Run Trophy (4/21) - In Jacob's Backyard, hit a baseball with a baseball bat. You'll see the bases and bat and ball on the ground. You have to hit the ball quite hard for the trophy to register.



Interview Oswald Jacobs:



Q: Witness Report - GOOD COP

Q: Hispanic Suspects - BAD COP

Q: Possible Suspect Vehicle - GOOD COP

Q: Vehicle Stripped of Parts - BAD COP


Clue - Valdez's Notebook. On bench that Oswald was sitting on.


'Gamewell'/Police Telephone - Make a call so you can get new info/location. It is the small blue phone with a blue light on the large telephone pole on the side of Jacob's Backyard. By the alley to get to your police car.



Central Police Station, Interrogate Juan Francisco Valdez:



Police Badge (8/20) - In the Police Interrogation Room before you interact with Juan Francisco Valdez, this badge is behind Juan on the corner shelf next to the fan. 


Q: Packard Purchase History - BAD COP

Q: Theft of Consular Vehicle - BAD COP

Q: Association with Gabriel - ACCUSE

Evidence - Valdez's Notebook.


:bronze The Straight Dope trophy (5/21) - Proved a lie.



Dewey Brothers Garage:



Police Badge (9/20) - Inside the garage the other side of the car on a table by the dolly. (not an actual doll.. I mean the metal thing on wheels you use to carry/move heavy stuff with!)


:bronze The Plot Thickens (6/21) - Find and solve an inspection puzzle. In Dewey Brother's Garage, on the left you'll see the wrench racks, place the wrenches back on the rack to see which one is missing.



Interview William Dewey:



Q: Association with Valdez - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Alleged Bribery.

Q: Whereabouts of Del Gado - BAD COP.

Q: Wrench used in auto theft - BAD COP.



Del Gado Residence:



Enter the building across the road, and check the letters on the floor to find Gado's apartment number. (#3).


Novel (3/8) - In the bedroom under the bed on the other side.


Clue - Stolen Flag. On table on right in living room.


Clue - Breakfast Plates. In kitchen, just look at the table.


Police Badge (10/20)  - In backyard shed (get there from door in kitchen). On a bottom shelf under the vice.


Clue - Stolen Wheels. In backyard Shed.


Clue - Black Licence Plate. On box in shed.



Interview Anna Rodriguez (back inside home):


(Note/minor glitch: One playthrough my partner refused to sit down here, which meant i then couldn't interact with Anna. Make sure he sits down, if he doesn't, just press pause, quit game, then press continue and it'll bring you just outside of Anna's door again and it should right itself.)


Q: Motive for auto theft - GOOD COP.

Q: Last contact with Gabriel - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Breakfast Plates.

Q: Diplomatic plates Recovered - BAD COP. 



Illegal Street Race:



Chase down the red car. (Don't worry if you crash and it says he's escaped, you won't have to restart the whole chapter, it will just bring you back to the start of the race.)




Case 5 The Silk Stocking Murder: (Total Collectables 8 - 5 Police Badges, 2 Novels, 1 Record.)



Police Badge (11/20) - In the Diner. On the plant at the back of the room, left of the cigarette machine.



Crime Scene:



Clue X4 - Examine corpse:

(*Do look at these 3 body areas first before picking up the library card.

*He will just speak as acknowledgement of these 4 clues, they will not log on screen).

Missing Wedding Ring. LOOK at her left arm/hand.

Lacerations on Neck. LOOK at Neck.

Lipstick Message. LOOK at torso.

Half Library Card. In her Right Hand.


Clue - Bloodied Stocking. At evidence marker A.


Clue - Blood Trail.  Turn around and look at and follow the blood.


Clue - A Hat named 'Antonia'. Follow the blood trail to find hat at evidence marker C. Turn the hat to look at the inner rim where you can see her name.


Clue - Shoe. In bin down the alley after following the blood trail more.


Clue - House Keys. Attached to Orange/Red Pipe after following the blood trail more.


Clue - Dot Hole Pattern Card. On floor next to 3 planks, still following blood trail.



Climb up to Rooftops:



Police Badge (12/20) - On the Crime Scene Rooftop. At the work area on the left table under a white construction hat.


Clue - Empty Envelope. On the floor outside the pigeon coop.


Clue - Gold case. Jump down the ledge on the right, keep following the blood trail. Open the gold case.


Clue - Ring. Climb up a pipe, its hanging on string attached to the chimney.


Clue - Paintbrush. Climb wall ledge, follow blood, inspect paintbrush.


Clue - Other Half Of Library Card. In Purse, Just behind the paintbrush. Open the Purse.



Antonia's Residence:



Novel (4/8) -  In Antonia's Residence. Go upstairs, turn right and down the hall its by the plant. 



Enter Room #5:



Clue - Broken window. Look at it.


Clue - Photo. In the Left Drawer.


Clue - Attorney's Letter. In the suitcase on the bed.



Interview old lady Barbara Lapenti:



Q: Possible Suspects - GOOD COP.

Q: Movements of Victim - BAD COP.

Q: Evidence of Break-In - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Broken Window.

Q: Breakdown of Marriage - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Charm Bracelet Photograph.



El Dorado Bar:



Clue - Letter. Open the letter given to you by the barman.



Interview with barman Diego Agular:



Q: Missing Jewellery - BAD COP.

Q: Movements of Victim - GOOD COP,


Police Badge (13/20) - In the Eldorado Bar, on top of the jukebox at the back. 


Go through Bar Back Door to auto speak to a guy to get the Fruit Market Location, return to your car.



Maldonado Residence:



Examine the Doorbells on the right to get Maldonado's apartment number. (#304).


Novel (5/8) - In Maldonado's apartment, in the bedroom wedged down the right side of the drawers.


Clue - El Dorado Bar Beer Mat. In the kitchen next to the sink. 


Clue - Fruit Market Delivery Crate. Open up the crate on the kitchen floor.


Clue - Bloodied Shirt. Hanging up in the kitchen.


Police Badge (14/20) - Through the kitchen door by the bloodied shirt, on the floor on wooden walkway.


Clue - Husbands Alibi. On same floor knock on neighbours door #302.


Police Telephone - Use the phone in Maldonado's apartment (by the front door). Use it to be requested back to the police station. 



Central Police Station:



Examine the 2 letters infront of you.



Interrogation of Angel Maldonado:



Q: Last contact with victim - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Husband's Alibi.

Q: Jewellery taken from victim - GOOD COP.

Q: Divorce Proceedings - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Divorce Papers.

Q: Bloodstained Shirt found - BAD COP.



Just Picked Fruit Market:


Interview Clem Feeney (Shop worker Inside fruit market):



Q: Distinctive Necklace - BAD COP.

Q: Contact with victim - BAD COP.

Q: Movements of victim - GOOD COP.


Record (2/7) - After interviewing Clem its in the back room on the left (double green doors) on the left desk.


Clue - A Bloody Scalpel. on the same desk.


Pick up the BOX in the filing cabinet in same room. Use combination to open ( displayed like dice) 2-5-3. Inside Inspect the 3 items of Antonia's Charm Bracelet.


Car chase to apprehend Clem to finish the chapter.


:silver Golden Boy trophy (7/21) - Unlocked. For finding all clues in the case.



Case 6 Reefer Madness: (Total Collectables 8 - 3 Police Badges, 2 Novels, 3 Records.)



Record (3/7) - At the start in Lieutenant Colymer's Office. On the low left side shelf between books.


Police Badge (15/20) - On same floor of the police station you start on, look for 'Homicide' door, its on the bench outside of this door. (*NOTE: This badge location is not in the video guide.)



Mike Lyman's Bar:



Record (4/7) - In Mike Lyman's Bar. On the floor propped against the jukebox on the left.


Go to the back part/room of the bar to auto speak to Freddy to get next location.



Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence:



Equip your handgun from your holster on your waist and kill the 2 gunmen in the windows.


Clue - Silver Dollar. Inside left coat pocket of first corpse, that your'e practically standing on after cutscene.


Clue - Wallet. Inside right coat pocket of first corpse. Open the wallet.


Clue - Note. On boxes to the left of the corpse. Saying 'Masangkay'


Clue - Stack of boxes, by kitchen door, for new location. Look at the Parnell Soup label.


Clue - Newspaper Flyer. In bedroom next to kitchen. provides market location. 


Novel (6/8) - In the same bedroom on a box.


Police Badge (16/20) - In Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence Backyard, exit through the kitchen, its on the yard floor on the corner of the chicken pen.


Clue - Tin Can revealing Secret Room. In Backyard shed, on the left there is a shelf with 3 sections of interactable cans, examine the second can (labelled FLOUR)  of the third section, which will open a secret door.


Clue - Tijuana Shipments. Examine the Ledger/Book on the table, select Tijuana Shipments. Examine both pages of the book.


  :bronze Soup In The Pot trophy (8/21) - Open both soup cans in Juan Garcia Cruz's stash room. Use the can opener, and open 2 cans, then pull the lids off for trophy.


*MUST GO TO MARKET NEXT. before soup factory.*



20th Century Market:



:gold  High Flyer trophy (9/21) - For finding the flyer in Juan Garcia Cruz's house and proceeding STRAIGHT to 20th Century Market. (BEFORE going to Parnell's Soup Factory.)


Chase and fist fight. 


:bronze Keep A Lid On (10/21) - Complete a brawl without losing your hat as a LAPD Detective or Investigator. Just knock them out and don't get hit. (*Can only get in the last 2 cases Ch6 'Reefer Madness' or Ch7 'A Different Kind Of War').



Interview with Airto Sanchez:



Q: Knowledge of E.J - ACCUSE.

Evidence - Juan's Silver Dollar.

Q: Parnell's Soup Shipments - BAD COP.



Parnell's Soup Factory:



Shoot-out. Go for head shots.


Novel (7/8) - In Parnell's Soup Factory Reception. Its on the table on the left next to the sofa.


Police Badge (17/20) - Behind the second floor secretary desk.


Record (5/7) - In Parnell's office. This office is to the left of the last secretary desk, the record is to the left of the desk between some books. 


Clue - Ernesto's Silver Dollar. Examine left hand of first corpse after shoot-out. This corpse is in the little room on the left of the factory floor. 


Look at and open wallet in corpses shirt pocket.


Clue - Boxed Drugs. Slightly behind from where your partner is now standing, there will be one larger box that you can interact with. Open it up.


Clue - Jorge's Silver Dollar. Go Upstairs and follow it round to the left where you'll see a corpse on a slightly lower section. Examine silver dollar in shirt pocket. (If your'e at a corpse dressed in white under the windows, you've gone the wrong side.)


Examine the wad of cash in the silver dollar corpses hand.


After cutscene pick up each silver dollar displayed infront of you on the table, and arrange them to spell out:

'MAS - ANG - KAY - MET - ALS'.


:bronze Spare A Dime trophy (11/21) - For completing the silver dollar puzzle.



Masangkay Metals:



Go round left to jump over the wall to enter.





Case 7 A Different Kind Of War: (Total Collectables 6 - 3 Police Badges, 1 Novel, 2 Records.)



Nuclear Bug and Rodent Control:



Police Badge (18/20) - On the first shelf on the left by the folded shirts.



Westlake Pest Control:



Novel (8/8) - In Westlake Pest Control. On the glass case in the middle.


:gold Well Read Individual trophy (12/21) - For finding all 8 novels.


Speak to the shop guy to get a location.



Doctor Fontaine's Surgery:



Record (6/7) - In Doctor Fontaine's Surgery. From entrance turn right, its on the little table by the window.


Police Badge (19/20) - In Doctor Fontaine's Surgery. On the floor to the left of the fireplace.


Clue - Strangle Marks. Look at head of corpse. (Maybe unnecessary).


Clue - Lighter. Examine lighter in the corpse's hand.


Clue - Newspaper. On the desk.


Clue - Small Map. on desk.


On the desk, use the pencil on the blank paper to reveal a map, put newspaper under the tracing.


Look at Broken Glass on the Floor. (Maybe unnecessary).


Clue - Blackmail Papers. In file on the side table. Open it, select around for blackmail.


Clue - Crystal Ball. On floor by cabinet. Pick it up and look at the blood on it.



Ranch Bunkhouse:



Record (7/7) - From entrance go in first room on left, its wedged behind the small cabinet on the left.

(*NOTE: 'Oldie but Goodie' record trophy won't unlock until you have played them all on the record player in your office after you've finished the case.)


Clue - Flamethrower. On right side workbench.


Clue - Origami Cranes - Enter the room on the right filled with origami cranes, this crane to examine is on the right table by candles.


Police Badge (20/20) - In the toilet cubicle at the back of the room filled with origami.


:gold Let Me See Some ID trophy (13/21) - For finding all 20 police badges.


Clue - L.A River Tunnels Map. On back wall of origami room, just look at it.


Clue - Elysian Flyer Crane - Same room, on the other table, open it up. (Maybe unnecessary).


Clue - Photograph of Okinawa. In the same room, look at the pictures on the wall.


Car chase. Follow the blue car to the tunnels.


Final shoot-out. Keep making your way through all the tunnels, to meet your fate and end the final case.


:gold The City Of Angels trophy (14/21) - Complete all 7 cases.



If they haven't unlocked already, now mop up these last cumulative misc trophies:



:silver (15/21) All You Can Eat Herring - For picking up 100 random objects.


:silver (16/21) In Your Face - For landing 50 slaps in any fist fight.


:silver (17/21) Wooden Overcoats - for 30 head shots. If this hasn't unlocked yet, replay Case 1 'Armed and Dangerous' as its short and the shoot-out is right at the start.


:silver (18/21) Miles On The Clock - For driving for 19.47 miles. If this hasn't unlocked yet, replay Case 2 'Upon Reflection' and just motor down the starting long straight road at full speed until it unlocks. 



Now that everything else is done, we can return to the hub area / Office to grab the last 2 trophies!



:gold Oldie But Goodie trophy (19/21) - For finding all 7 records and playing them in the office. Yup now that you have found all the records throughout the game, now just play them all on the record player in your office. *You ALSO have to play the record that is already there on the record player for the trophy to unlock. (You don't have to let each record play out for the trophy, letting each song play for a few seconds is enough).


:gold You're So Vain trophy (20/21) - For trying on all of the games 7 outfits in the office. If everything else is done, all 7 outfits will be unlocked now. Go back to your office, each hat on the hat rack represents a new outfit. Try each hat on!


:plat L.A Noire: The VR Case Files (21/21) - They fought the law but...the law won. Congratulations! 

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#3 EssTee



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Posted 14 November 2019 - 08:07 PM

Ok, text walkthrough complete  :)


I've tested this walkthorugh, and i had forgot everything so was looking at the walkthrough every few minutes and the plat came in at around 3 hours, so thats great and i'll put completion time in as 3-5 hours  :)


please feel free to comment with any feedback 

thank you and enjoy  :)

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#4 BizzyMontana



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Posted 24 November 2019 - 04:09 PM

Dear EssTee,


Thank you so much for this great guide. Your text walkthrough was way more suitable for playing VR than referring to a video.

From my point of view, your guide was almost perfect, there are small notes I'd like to give:


As for "All You Can Eat Herring", I picked up most objects in the first gunstore in case 2 because there are many individual ammunition boxes and weapons.


In case 5, when going for the "Golden Boy" trophy, I actually opened the Fruit Market Delivery Crate (I did not just inspect it). Furthermore, I had to speak to every neighbor on the floor of Maldonado's apartment in order to get the jingle for having found all clues. This is probably not necessary but I still wanted to mention it so that future players are sure not to miss out on "Golden Boy".


The trophy "Keep A Lid On" popped in case 5 for me, so it's not exclusive to case 6 and 7.


When going for "Soup In The Pot" in case 6, you have to pick up a can, place it next to the opener (left side) and let go of the can. It will then be attached to the opener so you can rotate the crank and lift the top afterwards.


I did not warp to destinations until having earned "Miles On The Clock".


You don't have to let the records play out to earn "Oldie But Goodie", letting each song play for a few seconds is enough.


Enjoying this game in VR was a blast! LA Noire VR was one of my finest VR experiences yet.


Best of success to all future players!

Greetings from Germany :)

#5 BizzyMontana



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Posted 24 November 2019 - 04:19 PM

Oh and in case 4 I think I didn't get this option :

Q: Association with Valdez - ACCUSE.
Evidence - Alleged Bribery.

It didn't matter, the case went on just fine.

#6 EssTee



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Posted 24 November 2019 - 06:18 PM

Well thank you bizzy!

Thank you for the feedback I'll get some of those added up,

where I suggested picking up random objects is only the next destination from where you got it n its easy to see stuff everywhere in the apartment and kitchen so people will def get that trophy easily by there :)

Yea I meant open up the fruit market crate I'll write that clearer :) and I def got golden boy with only knocking on the last neighbours door because I tested it on an alt

Keep a lid on... strange.. I never lost my hat n my trophy first popped case 6... maybe in case 5 I had thrown my hat off beforehand lol as I did that sometimes as every now n then the peak got in the way of my view!

Records trophy yea you only have to hear the music for a second and then change it, I'll add that so people don't waste time :)
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