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No way out: A dead realm tale Trophyguide

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Posted 27 October 2019 - 11:28 AM




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 with guide
  • Offline trophies: 13 (10    :bronze, 2    :silver, 1   :gold)
  • Online trophies:0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1 to 2 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2, 1 for hard and 1 for medium
  • Number of missable trophies: 3
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: 2 playthroughs
  • Do trophies stack?: 2 lists EU/US and JAP?
  • Requires VR, Game can not be played without VR!



You are trapped in a house with different dimensions. It's your task to make it out alive.

So you better run and make sure your torch is lit all the time.

For every mistake you make there is a different jumpscare! So enjoy the ride!

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Posted 27 October 2019 - 11:30 AM

Trophy walkthrough:


Choose medium or hard.


Walk forward and take map from table.

Turn right and move towards the door, wait a bit until she opens.

Go inside and take the torch.

Turn around and open the door for another dimension.

Go inside and light your torch with the torch right of the mirror.

Try to open the door, wait a bit.

Open the door and light your torch.

Take the stairs to your right and go upstair.

Take door on your left to enter the dining hall.

Go inside and walk towards the knight, his axe will drop.

Move to the other side of the table until you hear his axe move.

No you can pass him and light your torch. 

Open the door to get in the dining hall in another dimension.

Take the piece of painting, it's hanging on the wall under a lamp right of the knight.

Now open the door and take the stairs down.

Use the piece to completed the painting in the lobby. (Trophy: Don't lose your head)

Move around the stairs to find the elevator, take it down.

Exit the elevator and follow the torch until it disappear in the wall.

Facing the wall turn 360° and a door will appear.

Try to open it and wait a bit.

Now open the door and follow the pad until you are in a room with pool tables.

Listen to the conversation and take the map from the ground next to the corpse.

Take the torch and open any door to go in another dimension.

Now take the door closest to the piano.

Move in the hallway and take left.

There will be a blue torch, light it to get a blue spot on the ground. (safe spot)

Look further along the hallway until you see the next blue spot spawn.

Run for it.

The next one will spawn a bit further away. When it goes dark, count to 5 and run.

Now wait in this blue spot until the torch on the door on the left lit up.

Use your torch on this on. (Trophy: Step in to the light)

Move inside the library and place your torch on a closet.

Open any door for anohter dimension.

Here is a puzzle, you have to place 8 books in orderin the bookcase. The little symbol in the middle is the outer symbol for the next book. (Trophy: Reading is fun)


Take the mappiece from the table next to the ghost.

Now take the door in front of you and follow the hallway and take left to the study.

Move towards the painting, pick up and swap the pieces to completed the painting.(Trophy: What a pain-t!)


Turn around and talk to the ghost by the desk.

Take the book from the desk and open the door.

Follow the ghost through the hallway and take right.

Open the doors on the right to get in the master bedroom.

Place the book in the bookcase to reveal a hidden door.

Open the door and talk the ghost on the right.

Move back to the bedroom and take the torch.

Open any door for another dimension.

Take the door that leads to the hallway and make your way back to the study.

Here you have to be quick.

Light up your torch blue.

No quickly search for the present with yellow ribbon and press x. (random)(Trophy: The gift of life)

Open the door the hallway, a spirit will run a you. (Trophy: Fight fear with fire)

Now move forward and take the metal door in front of you.

Place your torch in the nursery room.

Open any door for another dimension.

Another puzzle, you have to place the balls on the shelf to completed the lullaby.(Trophy: Goodnight!)


Turn around and take door an the right.

Now a few quick turns in the hallway, right, left, right and in the elevator.

Pick up the mappiece from the ground and the elevator will move down.

Pick up the torch and move forward until you see a clown sitting on the ground.

When you move close to him, he will stand up and start walking.

Follow him.

When he splits, follow the one that is holding a chessboard.

Keep following him until he drops the chessboard.

Pick it up and move in the blue spot to teleport to the room with the pooltables.(Trophy: Clowing around)

Place the chessboard on the table for another puzzle, place 4 pawns in order on the chessbord. (Trophy: checkmate!)


Open any door for another dimension.

Now you need to pick up 3 letter pieces.(H,U,X)

The tricky part of this is when you die, you will spawn in a different room. But we will use this in our advantage to start in the room closest to the letterpiece. So if you are not in the right room simply die.


Starting from room with pool tables.

Light up your torch and take the closest door heading to the lab.

Follow the pad opening a few doors.

Inside the lab, light up your torch on the left first before heading down the stairs.

Take the letter X from the desk and move in the blue spot to teleport to anaother room.


Starting from the master bedroom.

Open any door for another dimension.

Light up your torch and take the door behind the couch to the hallway.

Turn right in the hallway.

In the next room take the letter H from a pile of books and move to the blue spot to teleport.


Starting from the nursery.

Open any door for another dimension.

Open the door closest to the study. You have to be quick here, enemy will spawn in front of you.

So run and take left.

Take the letter U from table and move to blue spot to teleport.


If you have all 3 letters you will teleport to the basement.(Trophy: What the HUX)

Take the stairs down on your left, to the machine.

Last puzzle, this is memory, click any button, 2 will lit up, push them.

Now 4 will lit up,push the 2 added to the first 2.

Every time push the 2 last added until board is fully lit.(Trophy: Just in time)

Now take the stairs up and move in the blue spot to teleport to the lobby.

Move downstairs and try to open the front door to end the game.

(Trophy: A light at...) for medium.


(Trophy: The end of the tunnel) for hard.


Make sure to watch the credits for an extra suprise :lol


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Posted 27 October 2019 - 01:03 PM

video of my hard run:



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