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Niffelheim ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap

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Posted 11 October 2019 - 04:47 PM





  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4.5/10
  • Offline trophies: 36 (18trophy_bronze.png, 13trophy_silver.png, 4trophy_gold.png, 1platinum.png)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 - trophy_gold.png Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok
  • Glitched trophies: None, but the Portal to Asgard is glitched. If not careful, you’ll need to play through the game twice to get all of the trophies (see Step 3 below for more information)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there is an EU and an NA stack
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


The land you choose to play on doesn't matter. They all have the same Dungeon-types and the same resources available. The character you choose will be up to your play-style. Their breakdowns are as follows:


Viking: 150 HP, 2 Armor, 3 Strength - Hunger bar depletes slow

Valkyrie: 80 HP, 10 Armor, 1 Strength - Slowest depleting hunger bar out of all the characters

Berserker: 125 HP, 0 Armor, 6 Strength - Hunger bar depletes the fastest out of all the characters

Shaman: 150 HP, 5 Armor, 1 Strength - Hunger bar depletes quicker than normal


It really depends on how you're planning on playing. The Viking is the best well-rounded character available and since his hunger bar depletes slower than normal, you won't have to spend as much time making sure your character is well fed, so for beginners, that is the recommended character to use. 



Periodically, you will be met with 1 of 2 challenges in the game. The first will be an Undead Horde that attacks your Castle and the second is an Ultimatum Quest given to you by the High Priests. Both of these will give you an alert and a countdown timer. When the timer for the Horde reaches 0, they will begin to attack your Castle, so make sure you are well prepared beforehand. When the timer on the Ultimatum reaches 0, one of two things will happen: Either a horde will attack your Castle or you'll be met with a Drought that you need to wait out. Getting the Materials needed for the Ultimatums may be somewhat troublesome, depending on how far into the game you are, so just be prepared to deal with the consequences should you not be able to complete those quests. 
You must remain active (pushing different buttons on the controller) or the game will idle itself. When it does, it will automatically pause the game and freeze time. If you're looking to rubberband the analog sticks for :gold Hermit, you won't be able to. Even if the game registers you as running (even if it's just into a wall), it will still idle/pause because you are not actively playing.



Step 1: Start a game with at least one additional AI and/or Human player

There are no trophies associated with this step, but if you’re looking to get the Platinum with one playthrough, you’ll absolutely need to start the game with at least one AI player (or 1 additional Human Player). This is imperative for :bronze Access Denied and :bronze Conqueror, as both trophies require another “player” to be present. If you do not start the game without another “player”, you won’t be able to add them in later, so you won’t be able to get those two trophies. A small heads up, the addition of another player (especially an AI player) increases the difficulty of your game. You won’t run into them all the time, but they will periodically make their way over to your land and attack your castle. Also, if you go exploring onto their land, you can attack them as well as their castle. It’s just an additional enemy to be aware of. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by them at any time, you can open up your map with L_1.png and just teleport back to your castle. If you’re already at your castle, just head inside and heal up as needed.


You want to keep an eye out for the opposing player the entire time you're playing. You'll need them to attack your castle, at which point you will need to deal the killing blow to them while they are still on your land. This will happen randomly so the point at which you get the trophy related for killing them ( :bronze Access Denied) will vary for each person.



Step 2: Upgrade your defenses and workstations while also completing the Quests from the Raven, the Priests, and the Beggar

You’re probably looking at  :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok thinking that should be your main priority, but I assure you, you will have plenty of time to get that trophy, so your first priority will be upgrading everything. You should be able to get this all done before you reach Day 50, but since you need to make it to Day 100 for  :gold Hermit anyways, you can take your time with it. Your first priority will be your Defenses and you second priority will be your Work Stations. You need to make sure you are also using the best Armor and Weapons you can, especially if you have the extra AI player mentioned in Step 1 (this way if they try to sneak attack you, you’ll be prepared). You’ll also need high quality weapons as some of the upgrade tiers will require hides from the animals that spawn at night, so just make sure you’re as well equipped as possible.

The list of everything you need for all of the upgrades is provided under :silver Great Architect. It’s recommended you work on each Workstation tier as you go (all Level 1 stations together, then all Level 2 stations together, etc). Same goes with the defenses (Level up each Castle, Wall, and Tower tier together). For the most part, all of the workstations will use the same materials as you upgrade them (Iron Ingot, Boards, etc) so it’s best to do them together. Same with the defenses, each upgrade tier will use the same materials across all 3 builds. You’ll be getting each of the workstations up to Level 5 and the Defenses (Castle, Walls, Towers) up to Level 8. After you’ve finished, you will have earned the following:

trophy_silver.png Scout
trophy_silver.png Faithful Servant
trophy_silver.png Friend to the Priests
trophy_silver.png Great Architect
trophy_bronze.png Engineer
trophy_bronze.png Build Master
trophy_bronze.png Workman
trophy_gold.png Handyman



Step 3: Open the Portal to Asgard, but DO NOT GO THROUGH IT

If you’ve completed all of the Quests available from the Raven and the Beggar (the list of quests can be found under :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok), you will have earned yourself one shard to the Portal to Asgard. You’ll need a total of 22 to open it, though. To get the next 20, you’ll need to make your way into the Mines and the Dungeons to defeat bosses. The Shards don’t have a 100% drop rate from the bosses, it’s more so about a 97%, so there is a chance you’ll have to kill more than 20 to get what you need to rebuild the Portal. Make sure you’re upgrading your gear as go along. The bosses drop Armor and Weapon Scrolls that can be used to craft high quality armor and weapons so you want to stay as "up-to-date" with your gear as possible. 

You also want to make sure you go into the Spider Dungeons (locations provided under :bronze Spider Lord) so you can kill 30 Spiders alongside the Bosses.

Once you have 21 shards, head to the Portal to place the pieces (locations provided under :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok). The 22nd shard is going to be missing (the very center). You’ll need to defeat a very large (and strong) form of the Beggar (Hel) to get that final shard. This is where having the upgraded Armor and Weapons comes into play as this fight is FAR from easy. You can find more information regarding this under :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok. After you’ve defeated her, she’ll drop a badass Sword and the portal shard. Pick up the Shard and it’ll automatically place itself on the Portal and then the Portal itself will open.



Seriously, don’t do it. This part of the game is currently bugged and if you go in the Portal, you won’t be able to come back out and if you’re missing anything trophy-related, you’ll need to start a new game to get it. Instead of going through the Portal, exit out of the game and backup your save. After this step, you will earn:

trophy_silver.png Armadillo
trophy_bronze.png Spider Lord
trophy_silver.png Survivor



Step 4: Go through the Portal

Once your save is backed up (either via the PS Cloud or USB), go back into the game and head through the Portal. You should be well under 100 days when you do this. Once you’ve gone through the Portal, the following trophies will unlock:

trophy_gold.png Conung
trophy_gold.png Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok

Step 5: Reload your save file and awaken the dragon

Now that you’re back in the non-bugged world, it’s time to awaken the Dragon! The Sword you just received from reopening the Portal is going to help tremendously here. You should still have your Mythic gear from defeating Hel for her shard to the Portal, so you’ll be all set on that front (but be sure to repair it if you need to). Go to the Crypt (locations provided under :silver Dragon Lord for each land). You’ll need to kill a few waves of skeletons before a large Skeleton boss appears. When he does, burn him down (it’ll go by quick with that Sword). Once he’s down, a door will open on the back wall, revealing a chest. Pick up the Dragon’s Bearer inside. From here, you need to get 2 living sheep (using traps) and have 1,000 Gold on you. You can easily get the Gold needed by selling everything in your inventory at the store. Since you no longer need the scrolls and high quality materials for crafting, you can make some good money off of it all. When you have everything, head to Temple City and go inside the building on the right. Choose to awaken the dragon. After this step, you will earn:


trophy_silver.png Merchant
trophy_silver.png Dragon Lord



Step 6: Clean-up

Now that all the big tasks are done, it’s time to do some clean up until you reach Day 100. If you still need to kill Skeletons for :silver Sword Master, please see that trophy for the Dungeon locations in each land that have a plethora of Skeletons for you to take down. You’ll also want to focus on killing the Skeletons/animals (except for the Buffalo and Bears) that appear at night with your Dragon to get its kill count up to 100. If the Dragon kills a Buffalo or Bear, it won’t count towards your totals for  :bronze Cowboy and  :silver Bear Handler (respectively) so make sure you are dealing the killing blows to those two animals until you get those two trophies. Afterwards, you can use the Dragon to kill everything.

If you need to, you’ll also want to craft items at the Forge, Kitchen, and Alchemy station to get the crafted items for those workstations up to 100. It’s unlikely you mined 100 Gold Ore (unless you were actively trying to) so you’ll need to spend some time down in the mines to finish that off as well. If you have not consumed the 10000HP required for :silver Healer, you can craft some Weak healing potions and stand in a gas cloud in the mines to build that up. If you weren’t keeping an eye out for them on your initial travels, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the graves so you can loot them and pick up the Charms inside (you’ll need to loot a total of 10, see :bronze Grave Robber for more information).


The last thing you'll need to do is collect your opposing player's Totem. With the Sword you got from opening the Portal to Asgard, you'll easily be able to take down their defenses and, in turn, destroy their Totem. So make your way over to their land ruin their day. See  :bronze Conqueror for more information.

After you’ve finished cleaning up all of the miscellaneous trophies, you will have earned:


:bronze Conqueror

:bronze Access Denied!
trophy_bronze.png Warlock
trophy_bronze.png Righteous One
trophy_bronze.png Cowboy
trophy_bronze.png Shaman
trophy_bronze.png Mysterious Treasure

trophy_bronze.png Woodcutter
trophy_bronze.png Martial Spirit
trophy_bronze.png Landowner
trophy_bronze.png Master Chef

trophy_bronze.png Grave Robber

trophy_bronze.png Eagle-Eye
trophy_bronze.png Legend
trophy_silver.png Blacksmith
trophy_silver.png Healer
trophy_silver.png Bear Handler
trophy_silver.png Sword Master
trophy_silver.png Gold Digger

trophy_gold.png Hermit

:plat Legend of Niffelheim

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Posted 11 October 2019 - 04:52 PM

1Scf35c7.png Legend of Niffelheim platinum.png

Congratulations! You are Odin's best warrior and worthy of sitting beside him in Asgard!



2S52c21f.png Warlock trophy_bronze.png
Craft 100 Alchemy items

This will most likely happen naturally as you go for the Platinum as you’ll be needed to craft a lot of items at the Alchemy Station just to upgrade all of your buildings and workstations, not too mention crafting all of the Potions you’ll be using to defeat the Bosses.

The Alchemy Station is one of four workstations you’ll build inside your keep (it’s the station furthest to the right). You’ll be knocking out a good chunk of the 100 with Flammable Tar and Beer as these are the basic materials needed to craft better quality Potions and Brews. You always want to make sure you have Potions (Health, Strength, and Defense) on you as you go adventuring and each of those will require you to craft 2-4 Alchemy items each, which will greatly increase your count to 100.

If you somehow don’t have this trophy by the time you reach 100 days played for trophy_gold.png Hermit, collect Twigs and Resin (both collected from cutting down trees) and keep making Flammable Tar until you reach 100 items crafted. Once the 100th Alchemy item is done, the trophy will unlock.



3S61d1c7.png Righteous One trophy_bronze.png
Activate 5 Charms

There are two ways to get Charms:

  • Looting them from Graves
  • Crafting them at an Altar

More information on the Graves can be found under :bronze Grave Robber. There are multiple Altars located in each area, but the main one is on the surface and will be the left-most "construction" in each land. They look like this:




The different Charms (and their perks/materials required) are as follows:

Buffalo - +100 Bonus Damage to Fortifications

  • Buffalo Skull x1
  • Straw x8
  • Magic Essence x2

Boar - +30% Fire Resistance

  • Piglet x1
  • Straw x6
  • Magic Essence x2

Wolf - +30% Bleed Resistance

  • Fangs x2,
  • Straw x6,
  • Magic Essence x2 

Hare - +100 Health

  • Rabbit x1
  • Straw x4
  • Magic Essence x2

Bear - +.025 Metabolism, +15% Damage Resistance

  • Bear Hide x1
  • Straw x8
  • Magic Essence x2

Frog - +30% Poison Resistance

  • Frog x1
  • Straw x4
  • Magic Essence x2 

Sheep - +30% Stun Resistance

  • Sheep x1
  • Straw x4
  • Magic Essence x2 


To activate them, choose “use” when they are highlighted in your inventory (you can also add them to your hotkey bar and use them from there). When activated, you’ll get the buff associated with the Charm. 


You don’t need to activate 5 unique Charms, it just needs to be 5 period (even the same Charm 5 different times). There are enough unique ones available that you can actually have up to 7 activated at one time. You’ll be wanting to use these often when you’re going up against the Bosses to collect the Fragments, so you will most likely earn this trophy naturally as you go for Platinum.



4S25797a.png Cowboy trophy_bronze.png
Kill 10 Buffalos

This is one of the few trophies that you most likely will not earn naturally, depending on how often you go adventuring on the surface at night (or if you need to replace any of your armor).

Buffalo are one of the random animals that spawn on the surface at night time:




They are the largest in size compared to the other animals that spawn, but are not the strongest.


As long as you have at least Titanium/Steel grade weapons/armor, you can take these down (drinking a Hunter Brew beforehand will help as well). However, it’s highly recommended you wait until after you have opened the Portal to Asgard before going for this trophy. You get a crazy OP sword from opening the Portal that makes killing the Buffalo insanely easy.

Since the Buffalo is a random spawn, the time it takes to find 10 Buffalo will vary for everyone. Just remember, you can travel to the other three lands to check for spawns there.

As soon as you have killed your 10th and final Buffalo, the trophy will unlock.



5S117b41.png Shaman trophy_bronze.png
Use 10 different Potions

You must use 10 unique Potions, it can’t be the same Potion 10 times. The good news is that you’ll most likely get this a naturally as you progress through the story.

The main 3 Potions (Health, Strength, and Defense) all have 3 tiers to them. You’ll start off using the Weak Potions, then the Strong Potions, and finally the Thick Potions (the higher quality potions require you to update your Alchemy Station). If you use 1 of each tier, that’ll be 9 right there.

Along with Potions, the Brews also count towards this trophy and you should absolutely be using those when you go up against the Bosses. There are 4 available (Hunter, Troll, Spider, Deadman) and each have 2 tiers (weak and strong), so there’s an additional 8 you can easily knock out.

One of the most important Potions, however, will be the Potion of Regeneration. While this is used as an ingredient in better quality Potions and Brews, it is also the only item that will remove Mortal Wound, the debuff you receive when you die. The debuff can stack up to 5 times and each time will greatly decrease your character stats (as well as take 20% of your Gold…). While you’ll actively be working on NOT dying as you play, chances are it’ll happen once or twice, so be sure to have a few Potions of Regeneration available for when you need them.

All in all, drinking 10 unique potions won’t be overly difficult. Once you’ve drank the 10th one, the trophy will unlock.



6Sb7c41b.png Dragon Lord trophy_silver.png
Activate the Dragon

Activating the Dragon should be one of the last things you do. You get a ridiculously strong sword when you open up the Portal to Asgard, which will make killing the Skeleton Boss required for this trophy insanely easy. 

To activate the Dragon, you’ll need 3 things (ok, technically 4):

  • Dragon Forbearer
  • 2 Live Sheep
  • 1000 Gold

The Forbearer is earned by defeating the large skeleton boss in one of the Crypt. The location for this will be in a similar spot from each starting castle (3rd "construction" to the left), but the outside will just look a little different:


Ancient Bear Mound:




One-Eyed Wolf Forest:




Desert Eagle Moor:




The Ice Dragon Wasteland:



Inside, you’ll need to defeat a handful of smaller skeletons before a much larger (and far stronger) Skeleton comes from the left. Depending on what gear and Potions you have, it may take you a few minutes to actually get this Boss down. Be sure to use Deadman Brew as well as Strength and Defense Potions to increase your chances of survival. If at any point you start to feel overwhelmed, exit out of the Dungeon and replenish your health/hunger. When you go back inside, the Skeleton Boss will still be there at the same health you left him at.

It’s highly recommended you do this AFTER you have opened the Portal to Asgard. When you open the Portal, you get the best sword available in the game (by far) which can help aid you in taking the large Skeleton boss here down.

Once you’ve defeated the Skeleton, a door will open in the back, revealing a Chest. Open the Chest and inside is the Forbearer (along with some other goodies).

When you have all the items required (Forbearer, Sheep, and Gold) for the awakening, take them to Temple City and interact with the church-like structure on the left (just to the right of the Kitchen). Inside will be some priests hovering around an altar. Use the Altar to awaken the Dragon. Once it is active, the trophy will unlock.

7Sda105a.png Armadillo trophy_silver.png
Eliminate 3 Bosses in underground caves

The bosses in this game look like the standard/normal enemies (Bears, Boars, Spiders, etc) but they are much, much larger and stronger. They are found in the large open rooms in the underground areas. For these 3, you must kill Bosses in cave/dungeon areas. The lower you go in the caves/dungeons, the more difficult bosses you'll find so you need to make sure you are well prepared to defeat them.

It's recommended you not even attempt to take down one of these with anything less than steel-grade/titanium-grade Weapons and Armor. Make sure you also bring both healing and strength potions along as well as any Charms to increase your defense and/or healing. The HP of the boss ranges based on whether or not they're wearing any armor (you'll clearly be able to tell if they are or not, it's not everyday you see a bear wearing an iron helmet...).

Each type of boss (Troll, Animal, Spider, and Undead) has a Brew you can take to increase your damage against them and decrease the damage you take from them. These are incredibly beneficial so it's highly recommended you keep a few of each type on you at all times so you can drink one whenever needed.

Once you kill one, it will respawn after a couple of days in-game time. You can kill it again and it'll count towards this trophy, but just a heads up that the Boss(es) will get stronger each time it comes back. You'll need to kill 3 anyways as you start collecting the shards required to open up the Portal to Asgard (you'll need to kill at least 20 Bosses for those). 

Once you have killed your 3rd underground Boss, the trophy will unlock.



8S2912ef.png Spider Lord trophy_bronze.png
Kill 30 Spiders

You will most likely unlock this naturally, depending on how adamant you are about killing Spiders while exploring their respective Dungeon. You'll need their Fangs and Meat for a handful of beneficial potions so it's best to kill any you come face to face with. You want to get this trophy before working on the Skeleton-kill related trophies as there are other Dungeons you can use to help with those trophies.

There is one spider Dungeon in each area (it's the "construction" just to the right of the Castle). Their locations in each area are the same, but the outside looks different. They look like the following:

Ancient Bear Mound:




One-Eyed Wolf Forest:



Desert Eagle Moor:




The Ice Dragon Wasteland:



They have between 25-50 HP, depending on what # Day you're up. Depending on your weapon, they'll only take 2-3 hits to kill, though if you're exploring the dungeons, you should at least be using steel-grade weapons.

Most of the Spiders roam around in pairs, so for the most part you'll be killing two at a time as you go exploring, making getting to 30 much quicker. As soon as you've killed your 30th Spider, the trophy will unlock.



9S012241.png Mysterious Treasure trophy_bronze.png
Collect 10 Charms

There are two ways to get Charms:

  • Looting them from Graves
  • Crafting them at the Altar

However, only looting them will count for this trophy. Because of that,  :bronze Grave Robber will unlock at the same time as this trophy (see that trophy for more information regarding the graves).

As long as you're making sure to check each grave you pass, you'll easily be able to rack up 10 Charms well before you hit the 100 days required for :gold Hermit. You do not need to physically use the Charm(s), you just need to pick them up.

As soon as you've picked up your 10th Charm, the trophy will unlock.



10Sdabd3a.png Access Denied! trophy_bronze.png
Hold off an enemy attack


This is one of the two trophies that require other players/AI to be active. You need to start the game with the other player(s) active. If you start a game solo, you won't be able to add them in later and will need to start a new game to get this trophy. 


To hold off an enemy attack, you need another player to attack your castle. When they do, you need to kill them. You need to be careful with this one because you need to be the one to deal the killing blow. If your Towers are the one that kills them, the trophy won't unlock. 


To make it easier on yourself, make sure you choose a neighboring land for the AI. This highly increases the chance they'll make their way onto their land. Choose the following when setting up the game:

  • If you chose Ancient Bear Mound, choose either One-Eyed Wolf Forest or The Ice Dragon Wasteland for the AI.
  • If you chose One-Eyed Wolf Forest, choose either Ancient Bear Mound or Desert Eagle Moor for the AI.
  • If you chose Desert Eagle Moor, choose either One-Eyed Wolf Forest or The Ice Dragon Wasteland for the AI.
  • If you chose The Ice Dragon Wasteland, choose either Desert Eagle Moor or Ancient Bear Mound for the AI.

When they actually come into your land will be random, so you'll need to keep an eye out for them as you go collecting. If they attack your castle while you're away, you'll get a notification letting you know your Castle is under attack. Fast travel back home by open up the map with  :l1 and choosing your home land. If you are on your home land, but are not near your castle, you can use the same method to fast travel to just in front of your castle. 


As long as you deal the killing blow to the other person while they are on your land, the trophy will unlock.



11Sef598c.png Blacksmith trophy_silver.png
Craft 100 items in the Forge

The Forge is one of the 4 work stations you'll build in your Castle/keep (it's the furthest left). You'll most likely get this trophy naturally as you'll be crafting the ingots here. These are required not only for weapons and armor, but also upgrades for your work stations and the castle itself. You'll come pretty close to 100 with just the upgrades alone so if you don't have this by the time you've reached 100 days, just keep crafting Coal until you reach 100. This item only takes Timber to create so you'll be able to get a lot in a short time compared to the other craftable items. When you craft your 100th item, the trophy will unlock.



12S1cace9.png Woodcutter trophy_bronze.png
Cut down 100 Trees

This will come naturally as you work towards completing the game in under 100 days for [trophy]. You'll need to cut down a lot of trees for supplies (Timber, Twigs, Resin, etc) for tools, weapons, building upgrades, potions, etc. You can only cut them down with an Axe so be sure to always have a few on you when you're on running around on the surface.



13Sfaf3c0.png Faithful Servant trophy_silver.png
Complete 3 quests of the Priests

The description of this trophy is key. This is not complete 3 quests total. It needs to be 3 quests specifically from Priests.

You can tell which ones are from Priests when you open your Quest Log ( options.png and then L2.png until you reach the Quest log). If the Quest is from a Priest, it will say by the name of the person who gave you the Quest ("from the Dark Priest", "from the Fire Priest", etc). If you don't have any Quests available from any of the Priests, you can manually pick them up in the Caves/Dungeons. The first open room in each underground area (around levels 4-5) will contain a Priest that will give you a quest:




Just talk to the Priest to get a Quest. Complete 3 Quests specifically given to you by Priests to unlock the trophy.



14Sa7632b.png Great Architect trophy_silver.png
Build all constructions of the highest level in a single Land

This is exactly as the description says. You’ll need to upgrade all your Defenses (Castle, Walls, and Towers) to Level 8, all of your workstations (Sawmill, Forge, Kitchen, and Alchemy) up to Level 5, and you’ll also need to upgrade your two secondary buildings (Coop, Sheep Pen, and/or Greenhouse) to Level 2. It’s highly recommended that you do all of this before you go for the shards to reopen the Portal to Asgard (see :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok). This is because you want to make sure you have the best equipment and potions before going up against Hel for the last portal shard needed. Even though you’re limited to 100 days for that trophy, you’ll be able to upgrade everything in under 50 days, leaving you plenty of time to work on collecting the Shards.

The breakdown of materials needed for each construction is as follows:



  1. (8) Board, (4) Rope
  2. (9) Board, (4) Flammable Oil
  3. (24) Straw, (16) Clay. (12) Board
  4. (20) Clay, (12) Board, (10) Copper Ingot
  5. (24) Clay, (16) Boards, (12) Copper Ingot
  6. (32) Building Stone, (20) Boards, (16) Iron Ingot
  7. (42) Building Stone, (20) Boards, (16) Silver Ingot
  8. (64) Building Stone, (24) Boards, (16) Titanium Ingot


  1. (5) Board, (2) Rope
  2. (6) Board, (2) Flammable Oil
  3. (15) Straw, (10) Clay, (7) Board
  4. (12) Clay, (7) Boards, (6) Copper Ingot
  5. (15) Clay, (10) Board, (7) Copper Ingot
  6. (20) Building Stone, (12) Boards, (10) Iron Ingot
  7. (26) Building Stone, (12) Boards, (10) Silver Ingot
  8. (40) Building Stone, (15) Boards, (10) Titanium Ingot


  1. (5) Board. (2) Rope
  2. (6) Board, (2) Flammable Oil
  3. (15) Straw, (10) Clay, (7) Board
  4. (12) Clay, (7) Boards, (6) Copper Ingot
  5. (15) Clay, (10) Board, (7) Copper Ingot
  6. (20) Building Stone, (12) Boards, (10) Iron Ingot
  7. (26) Building Stone, (12) Boards, (10) Silver Ingot
  8. (40) Building Stone, (15) Boards, (10) Titanium Ingot



  2. (5) Boards, (2) Rope
  3. (10) Boards, (2) Flammable Tar, (1) Copper Ingot
  4. (15) Boards, (2) Flammable Oil, (1) Titanium Ingot
  5. (20) Boards, (2) Vial of Pure Oil, (1) Golden Ingot


  1. (4) Building Stones, (4) Timber
  2. (8) Building Stones, (6) Clay
  3. (16) Building Stones, (2) Coal, (1) Iron Ingot
  4. (32) Building Stones, (2) Gunpowder, (1) Titanium Ingot
  5. (64) Building Stones, (2) Vial of Pure Oil, (1) Golden Ingot

Alchemy Station:

  1. (3) Boards, (4) Building Stones
  2. (5) Boards, (10) Straw
  3. (10) Boards, (2) Bear Hide, (1) Iron Ingot
  4. (15) Boards, (2) Magic Essence, (1) Titanium Ingot
  5. (20) Boards, (2) Witch Skulls, (1) Golden Ingot


  1. (4) Timber, (8) Twigs
  2. (5) Boards, (10) Clay
  3. (10) Boards, (2) Boar Hide, (1) Coal
  4. (15) Boards, (2) Flammable Tar, (1) Gunpowder
  5. (20) Boards, (2) Vial of Pure Oil, (1) Silver Ingot

Secondary Constructions (Chicken Coop, Sheep Pen, Greenhouse - their Tiers are all the same):

  1. (10) Timber, (20) Twigs, (2) Rope
  2. (15) Clay, (20) Straw, (4) Flammable Oil
  3. (20) Building Stone, (10) Board, (10) Iron Ingot


You can have two of the same secondary constructions upgraded at the same time and the trophy will still unlock. It's recommended you start off with 1 Sheep Pen and 1 Chicken Coop so you can gather Wool and Feathers needed for the earlier upgrades. Once you don't need those materials anymore, switch to 2 Greenhouses so you can work towards  :bronze Landowner. All of the constructions must be fully upgraded at the same time so just until you've moved on to the Greenhouses before working on the secondary-station upgrades since you'll be using [the Greenhouse] far longer than the other two. 


Once you’ve upgraded all 11 constructions to the highest tier possible, the trophy will unlock. 

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15S9b6461.png Martial Spirit trophy_bronze.png
Kill 300 Skeletons

See :silver Sword Master.



16Sffeec8.png Landowner trophy_bronze.png
Grow 200 Vegetables

You will need to build a Greenhouse for this trophy. While on the surface, you'll notice there are two structures by your Castle (on on each side):




These are what you'll use to build the secondary constructions: Chicken Coop, the Sheep Pen, and the Greenhouse. You can only have two of those active at one time. It's recommended you start off with one Chicken Coop and one Sheep Pen so you can gather the Wool and Feathers needed for the earlier upgrades (Workstations and Defenses), then switch to 2 Greenhouses so you can work on this trophy.

Before you can grow vegetables, you first need some seeds. To get those, you need to go around collecting vegetables/plants on the surface. When you do, you'll get the food/item you're collecting and also have a small chance to pick up a seed for that item as well.

Once you have a seed, go into your Greenhouse (press Triangle18x18.png when next to it). Scroll down to the seed you have and choose to "start" the process of growing the plant. When it's done, you can collect the goods, which will also have a small chance of dropping a seed as well.

You need to grow a total of 200 vegetables overall to unlock the trophy. Each stack will grant you a minimum of 10 pcs (that # will increase as you upgrade your Greenhouse), so you'll need to a maximum of 20 seeds to unlock this trophy. The trophy will unlock as soon as the 200th vegetable has been grown, even if you are not at your castle or even in your own land.



17S70c474.png Master Chef trophy_bronze.png
Cook 100 dishes in the Kitchen Workshop

This trophy may not happen naturally, depending on if you're cooking your own food or purchasing items from the store in Temple City. If you decide to purchase most of your food, don't worry, this trophy won't be too terrible a grind to get.

As you adventure around collecting vegetables, plants, mushrooms, etc, you'll also pick up "Dry Seeds". These drop off most plant-related items so you'll be racking up a pretty good number as you go along. These will be used to make the easiest (and least expensive material wise) item: Flour.

You'll need Kitchen Workshop stage 2 for this (you'll be getting to stage 5 anyways for :silver Great Architect and  :gold Handyman!). Once you have unlocked stage 2, you'll be able to make all the flour you can handle. One bag requires 2 Dry Seeds to make and, again, you'll be picking up a lot of these. If you don't have this trophy by the time you've reached 100 days, keep making as much flour as you can and you'll be able to get this trophy done in no time.

After you crafted your 100th food item in the Kitchen Workshop, the trophy will unlock.



18S60f9b9.png Healer trophy_silver.png
Consume 10000 HP

Potions and Food both work for this. You can see what the stats are of the consumable item by selecting it (highlighting it) in your inventory. The Food you can craft will only give a maximum of +20 Health, but there are items in the shop (specifically the sausage and the bread) that you can purchase that will give you 100-300 Health.

The higher quality Potion you drink, the more Health you'll get from it. You'll mostly be using the "Weak Potion of Health", "Strong Potion of Health", and "Thick Potion of Health" as you play through the game, so you'll be making your way to 10,000 pretty steadily as you play. As long as your diligent about healing yourself whenever you need to/can, you should unlock this trophy well before you reach Day 100.

Note: Sitting on a throne and standing in a Firefly swarm does not count towards this trophy. You must physically consume something for it to count. If you don't have this trophy by the time you finish the game, bring some Health Potions into a Cave or Dungeon and stand in a poisonous cloud with the Health Potion active. Your health will deplete and regenerate while standing still. Just be sure to hit your controller every now and then because if it idles too long, the game will pause. 


Once you've consumed 10,000 HP in total, the trophy will unlock.



19Sd25983.png Grave Robber trophy_bronze.png
Expose 10 Graves

There are a variety of graves you can loot, but they appear randomly throughout each of the 4 lands. When you run past one, you'll get a prompt to hit  :crossto loot it. They have a chance to drop Charms (needed for :bronze Righteous One and  :bronze Mysterious Treasure) as well as random raw materials that can be used in your workshops.

The graves themselves are on a spawn timer, so if you find one and loot it, be sure to return to that location at a later time to see if the grave has returned. As long as remain aware of them, you'll be able to get this trophy before you reach Day 50. 


While there are what looks like a variety of Graves available, I was only able to find two that could actually be looted. They looked like the following:






Just make sure you're keeping an eye for them as you go. You need to loot 10 Graves for the Charms required for  :bronze Mysterious Treasure so this trophy will unlock alongside that one.



20S01117a.png Friend to the Priests trophy_silver.png
Complete 10 Quests

The trophy description for this one is a little misleading. The same requirements that applied for :silver Faithful Servant apply here. The Quest must be given to you by a Priest. 

You can check your progress towards this trophy by checking your Quest Log (options.png, scroll with L2.png until you get to the Quest Log, then count the Priest Quest that show 'completed'). For the most part, they will be about collecting raw materials (Mushrooms, plants, etc). If you don't have any active Priests Quests in your log, you can manually pick one up from the Priests in the underground area. They're located in the top-most open room (around levels 4-5):




Just talk to them to pick up a new Quest. Each Priest in each Dungeon/Cave will give you a unique quest so if you have one you don't wish to do, talk to another Priest to get a different one. As long as you're actively working on your Quests as you work on upgrading your buildings, you'll be able to get this well before you hit 100 Days played. Once you completed your 10th Priest Quest, the trophy will unlock.



21S871da1.png Engineer trophy_bronze.png
Build a lvl 1 stone Castle, Walls and Towers

The trophy tile for this is a little misleading. Even though it's showing the "I", this is actually the third and final upgrade tier for your defenses. 


You need to upgrade your Defenses to Level 6 to get this trophy, which also means you'll be going through the full Wood and Clay upgrades to get to this point. If you're looking for a breakdown of the materials needed, please see  :silver Great Architect. As soon as you've done the first tier of Stone upgrades on your Castle, Walls, and Towers, the trophy will unlock.



22Sbed78c.png Build Master trophy_bronze.png
Build a lvl 1 clay Castle, Walls and Towers

You need to upgrade your Defenses to Level 3 to get this trophy (available after you have completed all of the Wood Upgrades). If you're looking for a breakdown of the materials needed, please see  :silver Great Architect. As soon as you've done the first tier of Clay upgrades on your Castle, Walls, and Towers, the trophy will unlock.


23S41f299.png Workman trophy_bronze.png
Build a lvl 1 wooden Castle, Walls and Towers

The trophy tile for this is a little misleading. Even though it's showing the "III", this is actually the first upgrade tier for your defenses. 


You need to basically just start your upgrades for all the defenses for this trophy (Level 1). If you're looking for a breakdown of the materials needed, please see  :silver Great Architect. As soon as you've built the initial defensive constructions, the trophy will unlock.



24Sda52f1.png Conqueror trophy_bronze.png
Destroy an enemy Totem

You’ll need to be playing in a multiplayer game for this, either with another human player or an AI player. These settings need to be made before you start the game. If you start a game by yourself, you won’t be able to add another player later on and will need to start a fresh new game to go for this.

To destroy an enemy totem, you need to destroy the defensive constructions of an enemies keep (destroy the Towers and/or Walls). Make sure you’re well prepared before heading over to your not-so-friendly neighbors land. They’ll get a notification that their castle is under attack and will without a doubt make their way back home to defend it, so you’ll be going up against them and whatever Towers they built as a defense. Because of this, it’s highly recommended you either do this really early in the game (before they've have a chance to build up much of anything), or not until after you are in your full Mythic gear set. If you can wait until you receive the Sword for opening the Portal to Asgard, the task will be made even easier for you.


As soon as you destroy the defenses, you'll automatically destroy the totem for this trophy. 

You do not need to destroy the secondary constructions (Coop, Sheep pen, and Greenhouse) for this, but if you’re feeling devilish, by all means go ahead and ruin your foe’s day even more.



25S29a591.png Bear Handler trophy_silver.png
Kill 10 Bears

Bears are one of the random animals that spawn on the surface at night. They have much more health compared to the Wolf and the Boar, but not more than the Buffalo. You probably will know it exactly when you see it, but just in case... this is what they look like:




You want to make sure you're at least on Titanium or Steel grade weapons before going up against any of the animals. While you can take them down with Iron weapons, you'll still take a pretty good beating while you do so. You also want to make sure you have a shield equipped so you can block the Bears attacks (it'll reduce the damage down from 16-30 down to 1-2). With that being said, however... it's highly recommended you work on this trophy after you have opened the Portal to Asgard. You get an incredibly powerful Sword when you do so that will easily kill any bear you come across. 

Since the animals that spawn are random, you'll need to keep an eye out for the Bears to make sure you kill 10. As long as you're keeping an eye out for them, you should be able to get this trophy before you reach 100 Days played. If you don't have it by then, you'll need to keep roaming around at night to try and get the last you need to spawn. Be sure to check all 4 Lands for the animals, not just the one your Castle is located on.

After you've killed your 10th Bear, the trophy will unlock.

Note: When you unlock this trophy, you'll also receive the actual animal-head trophy for your throne room.



26Sc8318b.png Sword Master trophy_silver.png
Kill 1000 Skeletons


Depending on how you play, this might be one of the last trophies you earn. Skeletons appear at night, in the deep levels of the Cave, and in the Troll boss Dungeons. It's highly recommended you do  :bronze Spider Lord before this trophy so you can be "done" with the Spider Dungeons and just work solely in the Skeleton/Troll Dungeons. 


Each area has one Dungeon that is full of Skeleton trash mobs and Troll Bosses. They're located in the same spot in each area (the 2nd "construction" to the left of the Castle), but they look different from the outside. The Dungeons are as follows:


Ancient Bear Mound:



One-Eyed Wolf Forest:



Desert Eagle Moor:



The Ice Dragon Wasteland:



As mentioned, inside are a LOT of Skeleton trash mobs. They start off in pairs of 2 and as you go lower, their patrol size will increase to 3, and then to 4. Be sure to take some doors in with you to create yourself a quicker path down. The are over 40 Levels to go down in these Dungeons so you'll be getting a pretty decent handful of Skeleton kills as you clear each one. 


The Skeletons respawn after a few in-game days (and after an Earthquake happens) so if you've cleared the Dungeon, be sure to come back after a short time and you'll be able to kill the respawned Skeletons. You'll be needing to kill the Bosses for the shards anyways for  :gold Conung and  :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok, so you'll be making your way through these Dungeons a few times anyways.


Any kills you make with your Dragon will not count towards this trophy. You must be the one dealing the killing blow for all 1,000. As soon as you've killed your 1,000th Skeleton, the trophy will unlock.



27S06a6a9.png Eagle-Eye trophy_bronze.png
Inflict 2.500 damage with a long-range weapon


As with a few other trophies, the description of this trophy is misleading and should actually say 2,500 - not 2.500. You don't need to do that much damage with one shot, it's the cumulative total you need to reach with your long-range weapons. Emphasis on weapons. You don't need to do this with one single long-range weapon, it's cumulative across ALL your long-range weapons. 


You can chip away at this as you adventure along. Make sure you always have some arrows on you (or bullets if you're using the hand cannons) and just be sure to fire off your long-range weapons whenever you can. If you don't have this by the time you've opened up the Portal to Asgard or awakened the Dragon, just roam around in the Dungeons killing the trash mobs until you've reached 2,500 total damage. As soon as you do, the trophy will unlock.



28S376252.png Legend trophy_bronze.png
Kill 100 enemies with your Dragon

You’ll first need to awaken your Dragon before you can start killing things with it. Please see  :silver Dragon Lord for more information on how do to that.

Once your Dragon has been awakened, you’ll be able to call it down by pressing R_1.png when on the surface/outside. Furry little critters and chickens are not your enemies. They come in peace and will not count towards this trophy. Only things that will actively attack you as you stroll by will count towards this trophy, including the random large animals that appear at night.

You’ll be mostly working on this at night. The only time you’ll really be calling your Dragon during the day to help you fight things is if your Castle is under attack by the undead Horde, or if you have a Multiplayer game active and the other player/AI decides to try and fight you. Other than that, there’s no reason to call your Dragon during the daytime.

When it’s night, there will be patrols of Skeletons that roam around. Early in the game, it’ll be groups of 2. The size will slowly increase as the days go by and you’ll eventually find yourself fighting up to 4 at a time. When you come to them, call your Dragon and he will one-shot all skeletons visible on the screen. The large animals most likely won’t take just one hit, but your Dragon will still do some hefty damage to them, so if you hit them a few times before calling your dragon, your Dragon's fire should be able to finish them off. Just make sure you’re summoning your Dragon whenever it’s cooldown is done and you’ll be able to crank this trophy out in a few night’s time.

As soon as your Dragon has killed it’s 100th enemy, the trophy will unlock.



29S790fb3.png Merchant trophy_silver.png
Trade for 10,000 Gold

This should be one of the last trophies you earn. As you adventure along, make sure you don’t sell ANYTHING until all of your constructions, weapons, and armor are all fully upgraded. You also want to make sure you have a handful of your favorite potions crafted so you don’t accidentally sell anything you need for those. It’s even better if you wait until you have reopened the Portal to Asgard before working on this trophy as the Bosses drop some top quality items that sell for a pretty penny in the shop. Trading in all the items before you awaken the Dragon will guarantee you have the 1,000 Gold required to actually awaken the Dragon. 

Once you’ve basically finished the main part of the game, start lugging all of the materials and items you’ve collected to Temple City to trade them in the shop. You are limited to how many items you can sell at one time! Once the store’s inventory is full, you’ll need to wait until it resets before you can sell anything else (it takes about 4-5 in-game days before it resets). Because of this, you want to make sure you sell the higher quality items first, then make your way down to the materials that give you the least amount of gold in exchange for them.

As long as you’ve saved everything you can, you should come pretty close to 10,000 Gold after a few trips to the shop. If you’ve sold everything you can and are still short, you can do one of two things:

  • Go down into the Mines and collect valuable order and stones
  • Kill the Dungeon/Cave Bosses

The Boss method is the recommended of the two as the scrolls they drop are worth far more than the ore you’ll find down in the caves.

Once you’ve traded 10,000 gold worth of items to the shop, the trophy will unlock.



30S7cbc0c.png Gold Digger trophy_silver.png
Collect 100 Golden Ore

You collect Golden Ore by mining it down in the underground caves. You won't reach Gold until you hit roughly 20 floors down and even then, it's still rare to see it. It's unlikely you'll find large sections of it (as compared to Iron, Titanium, and Copper) so you want to make sure you're keeping an eye for it any time you go down that low in the mines.

Be sure to remember where it was you collected the ore! When an Earthquake happens (every about 15-16 Days), the mines will reset and fill back up with rock and ore. All of the ore you collected previously will be in the same location as it was when you first picked it up, so as long as you remember where you grabbed it initially, you'll be able to farm the ore again. Because of this, you should place a Portal Scroll down near where you found some Gold Ore. The Scrolls create a Portal leading from wherever you placed it in the cave and one Portal in your Workstation area. This will allow you to easily travel back and forth and, when the Earthquake does happen, you'll easily be able to go back down to the floors needed to get the rest of the ore you need. 

Getting to 100 will depend on your luck with how often the ore appears in the caves. If you're being diligent about upgrading your buildings, you'll need to start farming for Gold pretty early on in the game, so you'll more than likely earn this before you hit 100 days played. If you're taking your time with the upgrades, this will take you longer to get as you won't be needing Golden Ore nearly as much.

Either way, once you have collected your 100th piece, the trophy will unlock. You do not need to have 100 on you at one time. This is cumulative.



31Sc0aec7.png Handyman! trophy_gold.png
Upgrade all Workshops to 5 lvl.

The are 4 Workshops total that you need to upgrade: Sawmill, Forge, Kitchen, and Alchemy Station. Each of them have 5 Levels - Level 1 being when you first build the work station, then 4 additional upgrades to get to Level 5. If you need a breakdown the of the materials required for each tier, please see  :silver Great Architect.

You'll need to upgrade the Forge and Alchemy Station first as you'll need the items crafted on those stations for your Castle upgrades as well as Weapons and Armor. The Sawmill should be your third-in-line focus to upgrading, and the Kitchen should be your last (you can buy far better food items from the Shop versus what you can craft in the Kitchen).

Upgrading your workshops and castle should be your number 1 priority in the game itself since it is the most time consuming task compared to actually opening up the Portal to Asgard. Because of this, you will get this trophy well before you reach Day 100, so just keep gathering the materials you need to build them up and once all four are upgraded to Level 5, the trophy will unlock.


32Sa0711c.png Scout trophy_silver.png
Survive for 20 days

See :gold Hermit.

33Sb2758d.png Survivor trophy_silver.png
Survive for 50 days

See :gold Hermit.



34S135744.png Hermit trophy_gold.png
Survive for 100 days

If you're looking to get the Platinum in one playthrough of the game, you want to split the 100 days up into two sections:

  • Days 1-50: Upgrading all your buildings (Castle, Towers, Walls, Workshops, etc) (See  :silver Great Architect for more information on upgrading these)
  • Days 51-99: Collecting Fragments, Awaken the Dragon, and open the Portal to Asgard (See  :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok for more information on the Portals)

If you upgrade everything first, you'll have plenty of quality weapons and armor to tackle the enemies and bosses required for the Fragments and, eventually, the trip to Asgard. As long as you make it to Asgard before you hit 100 days, you'll unlock :gold Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok. From there, you just need to survive the remaining days. You can kind of idle this part, you just need to make sure you hit a button on your controller every now and then so it doesn't idle (the game will pause when it does) and you also need to keep an eye out for any attacking hordes or Ultimatum quests that might appear. 

You need to make it up to and through Day 100. As soon as you do, the trophy will unlock. 

35S3de1c0.png Conung trophy_gold.png
Reach Asgard at least once!

See  :gold Ascendant to Ragnar Lodbrok.



ddc.jpg Ascendant of Ragnar Lodbrok trophy_gold.png
Reach Asgard in 100 days!


To reach Asgard, you first need to rebuild the Portal leading to it. The Portal has been broken into 22 Fragments which can be collected by killing bosses and completing quests. The Portal is located just to the left of your main Castle. While it's in the same location in each area, as with the Dungeons and Crypts, the outside will look different. This is what you'll need to look for:


Ancient Bear Mound:



One-Eyed Wolf Forest:



Desert Eagle Moor:



The Ice Dragon Wasteland:


Two of the shards you get will be from completing Quests. The first quest giver is the Raven (flies down onto a perch in front of your Castle) and the Beggar (located just inside the Ancient Portal buildings shown above). Once you finish the Quest chain with the Raven, you will automatically receive a portal shard. You need to collect the other 21 shards and return to her. 


The Quests you need to complete are as follows (bring these items to the respective quest giver): 



  • (2) Eggs
  • (3) Twigs
  • (5) Acorn
  • (2) Bird Meat
  • (2) Rabbit Meat
  • (2) Rock Salt
  • (2) Honey
  • (5) Feathers
  • (2) Spider Cocoons
  • (5) Iron Ingots
  • (3) Boletus
  • (2) Lamb
  • (2) Rope
  • (1) Brown Bear Meat
  • (1) Buffalo Meat
  • (1) Cockerel


  • (1) Bread
  • (1) Mead
  • (5) Essential Oil
  • (10) Magic Essence
  • (10) Light Essence
  • (1) Berserker’s Elixir

You can prep these items ahead of time so you can instantly turn in the Quests when you get them (recommended you do this to make this part go by quicker). 


The other 20 shards are picked up from the Bosses in the Dungeons and Cave. They don't have a 100% drop rate, so chances are you'll be killing more than 20 to get what you need. Make sure you have Potions, Brews, and the best armor you can make at the time before going up against the bosses. They do drop Armor and Weapon scrolls that you can use at the Forge and Sawmill to craft high quality gear.


When you first start, you want to be in at least Titanium and/or Mithril gear. The first scrolls that will drop will be "Rare" Armor/Weapon scrolls. When you get 7 Armor Scrolls and 1 Weapon Scroll, you want to start crafting the Executioners gear set:

  • Belt: (1) Garnet, (1) Boar Hide, (1) Rare Armor Scroll
  • Boots: (2) Gold Ingot, (1) Bear Hide, (1) Rare Armor Scroll
  • Bracers: (2) Titanium Ingot, (1) Buffalo Hide, (1) Rare Armor Scroll
  • Faulds: (1) Garnet, (1) Bear Hide, (1) Rare Armor Scroll
  • Harness: (1) Witch Skull, (1) Bear Hide, (1) Rare Armor Scroll
  • Helmet: (2) Titanium Ingot, (1) Ruby, (1) Rare Armor Scroll
  • Pauldrons: (3) Silver Ingot, (1) Garnet, (1) Rare Armor Scroll

When you are in most-if-not-all Rare gear, "Legendary" Armor/Weapon Scrolls will start to drop off the bosses. As before, once you get 7 Armor Scrolls and 1 Weapon Scroll, you want to craft the next available armor set, which will be the Dragon set:

  • Belt: (1) Titanium Belt, (1) Garnet, (1) Legendary Armor Scroll
  • Boots: (1) Iron Boots, (1) Garnet, (1) Legendary Armor Scroll
  • Bracers: (1) Titanium Bracers, (1) Garnet, (1) Legendary Armor Scroll
  • Faulds: (1) Titanium Faulds, (1) Buffalo Hide, (1) Legendary Armor Scroll
  • Harness: (1) Golden Chainmall, (1) Buffalo Hide, (1) Legendary Armor Scroll
  • Helmet: (1) Iron Helmet, (1) Amber, (1) Legendary Armor Scroll
  • Pauldrons: (1) Titanium Pauldrons, (1) Titanium Ingot, (1) Legendary Armor Scroll

When you are in most-if-not-all Legendary gear, "Mythic" Armor/Weapon Scrolls will start to drop off the bosses. Once you get 7 Armor Scrolls and 1 Weapon Scroll, you want to craft the next available armor set, which will be the Mythic set:

  • Belt: (1) Titanium Belt, (1) Light Essence, (1) Mythical Armor Scroll
  • Boots: (1) Iron Boots, (1) Light Essence, (1) Mythical Armor Scroll
  • Bracers: (1) Titanium Bracers, (1) Light Essence, (1) Mythical Armor Scroll
  • Faulds: (1) Titanium Faulds, (1) Light Essence, (1) Mythical Armor Scroll
  • Harness: (1) Executioners Harness, (1) Light Essence, (1) Mythical Armor Scroll
  • Helmet: (1) Iron Helmet, (1) Light Essence, (1) Mythical Armor Scroll
  • Pauldrons: (1) Titanium Pauldrons, (1) Light Essence, (1) Mythical Armor Scroll

The Weapon you choose to craft will depend on your play style, but the Mythical Axe is one of the best weapons you can get in the game (though you'll be replacing it after you open the Portal to Asgard). The Mythic Armor set is the best in the game and you'll need it when going up against Hel to open up the Portal. 


Once you have all 21 shards from the Raven and the bosses, grab your Potions (Health, Strength, and Defense), a few Potions of Regeneration (for just in case you die), and head to the Portal. If you've completed all the quests from the Beggar, she will turn into Hel and you'll need to defeat her. She is by FAR the most difficult boss you'll come face to face with. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make this easier for you. 


Firstly, Hel moves incredibly slow and the time between her attacks is roughly 2-3 seconds. If you start to get overwhelmed, you can run out of the room and replenish your health outside. When you run back in, Hel will be at the same health you left her on (she will only remain at the same health for about a minute so don't stay out too long). Alternatively, her aggro range is just under the length of the screen/play area. On the far left side of the room is a Throne. If you get her on the right, you can actually run far enough left away from her so she stops chasing you, allowing you to sit down in the Throne to regenerate your health. Hel hits incredibly hard (200-450 each swing) so you want to make sure you are using your shield ( :r2) whenever she swings at you. If you do die, quickly run back to your body, pop a Potion of Regeneration (to get rid of Mortal Wound), and head back inside. If you do it quick enough, Hel will still be at the health she killed you at. 


This fight will take you a few to do so just time your attacks between blocking hers. When she finally goes down, she'll drop the last shard as well as a massively OP sword. Pick up the shard and stand in front of the Portal wall and it'll automatically be added. When it is, the Portal will open.




The game is currently bugged and if you go through the Portal, there is a high chance that you won't be able to come back out. If you get this bug, you'll need to start a new game to complete any remaining trophies you have left unearned. 


To prevent having to start over, exit out of the game once the Portal has been created and back up your save file with either the PS Cloud or a USB. Start the game back up and go through the Portal. Once you get inside, this trophy and  :gold Conung will unlock. From here, exit out of your game and re-download your save file from the Cloud/USB. When you load your game, it'll start you just before you entered the Portal, allowing you to clean up the rest of the trophies.

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