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Rugby League Review

Review Rugby League

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Posted 30 October 2011 - 02:04 PM

Ok, this is finally done. A rare and obscure platinum to say the least.

For those of you to whom this will mean something. It's important to take note that like the title says, this is a RUGBY LEAGUE, not a RUGBY UNION (that's coming next in one of 3 games) game and rules. Personally I think that makes it easier to understand and play.

It's a sports game. If you have played Madden, or better yet any of the NCAA series then this will feel very similar to that.
The controls seem to work naturally. it really felt like i was running navy's triple option on NCAA. The offload thing is a bit annoying, especially since you need 1000 of them and at many times your team mates are just fucking stupid as they stand there, let it hit them and then turn the wrong way looking for the ball.
They are nothing to write home about, but are sufficient for what the game is. there isn't any slowdown or flickering. one thing that i noticed is that there is a great deal of real companies who have ads in the stadiums. MADCATZ is right there on the field, and in the stadiums there are real advertisers all over the place.
Fun Factor
I Think that the game is fun for what it is. and I don't care how much you like Rugby, the last 150 games are going to drag on. by that point you should have most if not all the other trophies and are just grinding for the big 300 23076.png . there is a method i found that makes all that go quicker (well at least less annoying) that i will describe in the trophy guide that i may or may not make coming up here.
The trophies aren't that hard at all really to get. there are a couple that need a little luck, and are sure to happen while you play. The 40/20 on perplexed me a bit, but toward the end i was hitting them just about when ever i wanted to. There are a lot of golds and most of them will happen quickly. you will have it at 80% within like 80-90 games. then you will have to grind out the rest for the big 300 and the offload golds.

It is well worth playing. There as mentioned above there are lots of Golds involved. I see this best as a "project" game much like NBA jam and some others that take a lot of time/grinding. Due to that and the fact that not only is it a rare :plat it's a rare game. Even in the UK i don't think that many of these were made. Now (if you can find one) they are going for close to $80 used.

I think that my save file showed a time of 50 hours and some change. it probably should have been shorter, but i think with my game "playing" for the last 100 i had extra time in there.



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