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Falcon Age Trophy Guide

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Posted 30 August 2019 - 01:00 AM

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 29 (10 :bronze, 12 :silver, 6 :gold, 1 :plat)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to plat: 5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 - Return to the Nest :silver
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Guide was written in Story Mode but Imprint Mode should also work also works (thanks zenovka for confirming)
  • Do trophies stack?: No stacks
  • Requires Guide was written using VR with 2 Move controllers but it's optional


Welcome to the world's first and best vr falcon fist bump simulator. Seriously, forget about trophies, just fist bump falcons all day long. If you somehow want more than fist bumping falcons (this automatically makes you a horrible person) the rest of the game is about liberating a small group of humans from their robot overlords. Fight robots, farm food, play minigames and dress up your falcon companion as you fight for your freedom.


Road Map:


Falcon Age is pretty linear and has straightforward trophies. Almost everything is going to come from normal gameplay. The only missable trophy is Return to the Nest. You get this for bombing a spider nest with its own spider and there are a finite amount of these to do this at. It's not hard to do, just make sure to get it out of the way early just in case. Another time saver is to buy the trophy outfits before any of the other, optional costumes. See Penguin and Hot Wings for more information about that. With those few trophies in mind, just relax and and have fun.


This guide was written using VR and 2 Move controllers. If you use VR I would recommend free movement if your stomach can handle it. Teleport movements makes the combat a but of a pain. If you are playing in non-VR mode the trophies work the same but the controls are a little different.

Click here to view the article



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Posted 30 August 2019 - 01:00 AM

Trophy Guide:



Master Falconer - :plat

Collect all Trophies


Fist bumps all around! You are one of life's true heros!



Open Sky - :gold

Escape Prison


Story related and can't be missed.

You will get this after completing the tutorial level and leaving the Detention Center. I guess you don't want puppies and kitties.



Eliya - :gold

Reclaim Refinery Eliya


Story related and can't be missed.

You get this for shutting down the first refinery, Eliya. 


All of the refineries work in the same way. You fight through the robot guards, turrets and spawners to get to a building at the end and shut down the system with your baton.



Uda - :gold

Reclaim Refinery Uda


Story related and can't be missed.

You get this for shutting down the second refinery, Uda. 



Uva - :gold

Reclaim Refinery Uva


Story related and can't be missed.

You get this for shutting down the last refinery, Uva. 



Port Loop - :gold

Port Loop Rescue


Story related and can't be missed.

After shutting down all the refineries the Outer Rim Company strikes back and kidnaps your Aunt. Rescuing her plays out the same as shutting down refineries. Defeat all the enemies and get to the middle of the base.



Fly Free - :gold

Return to the Desert


Story related and can't be missed.

:( noooooo! You have to let your falcon go free to complete the game. No more fist bumps. Head out the back of the base camp (the door will open now) towards the yellow quest marker. Once you get to a designated spot you will be prompted to remove all the equipment from your falcon. Remove all her gear and command her to fly towards the other falcons. Roll credits!



Grounded - :silver

Defeat a Drone


Drones are the first enemy you will run into. They fly around and set off an alarm when they spot you. They can activate spider, and later in the game, sentry spawners. They can't hurt you directly and can be attacked outside of their sight range. Command the falcon to knock one to the ground and then hit it with your baton. The blue ones can hurt your falcon unless you get the anti-electricity upgrade. 



Disassemble - :silver

Defeat a Sentry


Sentries are the next enemy type. They can trap you in a force field if you let them attack. You need to use your whip to knock them down, then command the falcon to grab one. While held in the air their weak spot on the back of their head is exposed. Hit it with your baton. The blue ones are electrified and will break the falcons hold every couple hits. The trick to them is to whip them down, then attach the whip before your falcon grabs them. You can still hit them with the whip attached and it will automatically whip them back down when they break the falcon's grasp.



Heavy Metal - :silver

Defeat a Heavy Sentry


These guys are annoying because they have spider spawners on their backs. Their main laser takes a few seconds to charge and you need to hold their attention so your falcon can attack. Once the falcon grabs the heavy sentry, run up and hit the weak spot on the back of its head. They actually die pretty fast and have no buffed, blue version. The laser can be dodged by strafing or hiding behind something. It takes 2 direct hits to actually kill you so it's not that bad. The spiders everywhere are the annoying part.



Return to the Nest - :silver

Blow up Spider Spawner with a Spider Bomb




These can be found at the refineries and outposts but they do not respawn once destroyed. Clear the sentries and turrets in the area to make it easier to do this. Command your falcon to grab a spider and then while she has the spider, command her to bomb the spawner. Later in the game my falcon was picking up spiders on her own but I'm not sure how the game determines her automatic actions. Just do it manually and do this trophy early to get it out of the way. I've seen talk about a patch to make this not missable but I've scoured every corner of the map and there still aren't any new spider spawners.



Birdie? - :silver

Score Par or better in Lightning Golf


After you defeat refinery Eliya a bunch of settlers will come and take up residence there.There is a guy to the left as you enter that challenges you to a game of Lightning Golf. It's basically mini golf using your whip. The direction is determined by how you flick the controller but power is based solely on your distance from the ball. If you move slowly and hold the controller steady you can make precision shots. There is a trick however that makes this super easy. You can tap the ball with your baton to move it and it doesn't count as a stroke. It's super awkward and slow but you can tap, tap, tap it in for most holes (I wonder what the name for a hole in 0 is). The holes are slightly raised so you may need a low power shot to get the ball in but it's still a hole in one. For the ramps, tap the ball up to them and then take a steady mid to high power shot to throw them up. There are barriers to prevent problems. For the last hole, tap the ball towards the corner where the turret is and do a full power shot across the gap. It may take a little practice but isn't bad at all.


There is a second Lightning Golf course in the town of Galle but it's got more inclines and obstacles and isn't worth the hassle. You only need to do this once for the trophy anyway.




Hot Drop - :silver

Complete Bomb Minigame


This minigame is also in Eliya. The settler is just right of center as you enter the refinery after shutting it down. In this game you give the falcon a bomb and command it to bomb the targets. Getting it done in under a minute is needed for the trophy. I would back away from the settler a little so you don't accidentally trigger talking to him. From here you should be able to see most, if not all, targets. Give the falcon a bomb, point her at a target, wait for her to bomb it, whistle her back and repeat. Save the furthest turret for last so you don't need to wait for her to come back to you. If you want to save more time you can hold up a bomb in your right hand when you whistle and she will pick it up without needing to land. Doing this will also get you the Snatched trophy. If you are still too slow you can also walk around closer to the towers to save on your falcon's flight time back and forth.



Raptor Retriever - :silver

Complete Fetch Minigame


This minigame can be found at Outpost Buller It's at the lower, center of the map where the Kissing Rocks are. The settler will not show up until you disable the outpost. If there is a drone flying around then you haven't disabled it yet.


There are invisible mushrooms on Kissing Rocks that you can retrieve to make blind bombs. Once the minigame starts the settler makes the mushrooms visible. Command your falcon to go retrieve them before the timer runs out. All of them should be visible from the starting position and none are on the other side. To save time you can have your falcon drop the mushrooms instead of needing to land each time. Just hold an empty right hand up when you whistle and she will drop them. This will also get you the Sky Delivery trophy. You can target the next mushroom while doing this to save even more time. Just wait until she releases the mushroom to give the command.



Garden Bird - :silver

Farm for the first time


After you beat refinery Eliya a bunch of settlers will also show up ready to farm. Your Aunt will task you with farming so go back to the plots toss any produce in to start growing them. There's no actual farming, you just wait for a timer to fill.



Birdfeeder - :silver

Collect All Produce


There are 7 types of produce in the game. Some are found in the early areas, some given by settlers and others found in chests are refineries and outposts.


Green Fruit - Occurs naturally in the early areas, grows on cactus looking green plants

Red Pepper - Occurs naturally in the early areas, grows on red bulbous plants

Horned Melon - Given to you by your Aunt when she tasks you with farming

Turnip - In Galle there is a man leaning on a building in the middle section, complete his fetch quest for rabbit meat and he will reward you with Turnips

Potato - Found in a whip box where you shut down Outpost Buller

Gourd - Found in a whip box where you shut down Refinery UDA

Beet - Found in a whip box where you shut down Refinery UVA




Nighthawk - :silver

Open a Buried Lockbox


You will likely run into these long before you can get them. They won't be marked on the map so just keep track of where you saw them (or use the map at the end of this guide). Once you get digging claws command the falcon to dig up the box and open it with your whip. There are multiple places with these, see the map in the guide if you are having trouble finding them.



Penguin - :silver

Equip Falcon in Formal Wear


One of the 2 trophy outfits you will need to buy from Asoka in Galle. You will want the Bow Tie item that costs 750. If you have the Bowler hat equipped (you get this after getting below par at the Eliya (first) Golf course, it's only 600. Equip the Bowler hat and the Bow tie at the same time to get the trophy.


Note: The Monocle says it's part of the set but I never bought it and still got the trophy.


See Hot Wings for how to earn money


thanks to themindisacity for clarifying the requirements needed for this trophy.



Hot Wings - :silver

Feed Spicy Food while wearing the Dragon Helmet


This is the most expensive item in the game. It costs 3000 but if you wear the Bowler hat it costs 2400. You will likely have enough for it towards the end of the game, but if you don't, sell your excess snacks and produce. I found snacks mostly useless since you can pet the falcon to restore to half health. Creature drops, ores, and bombs can also be sold.


Once you have the Dragon Helmet equipped, feed your falcon a Spicy Red Bun (3 x Red Pepper) for the trophy.


To earn money there are a few easy options but I preferred farming:

 - You can farm a spider spawner before you destroy it or the spiders from a Heavy Sentry  (they give 10 each)

 - You can go to the drone at Outpost Alma but don't kill it. Instead, let it trigger the sentry spawner and farm those (they give 5 each and 2 x Robot Parts which sell at 20 each for 45 total)

 - You can farm near Asoka (most produce gives 8 each, crafting snacks doesn't give as much money so don't bother)

 - You can hunt sandwolves (the armor sells at 50 and the meat at 25 for 75 total)

 - Buy Gourds from Asoka for 5 and sell them back for 8 (3 profit each)



Home Cooked - :bronze

Feed your Falcon a crafted snack


There are white cookers in your basecamp, in the town of Galle and outside UDA. Put three ingredients in to cook a snack. Recipes can be found all over but they all are either 3 of a produce or 1 meat with 2 of a produce. The easiest to make are the 3 Green Fruit or 3 Red Pepper recipes.


Note: The recipes tell you how to make snacks but you do not need to have found a recipe first. If you put the right ingredients in you will make the snack and be gifted the recipe to help remind you later.



Hopped Up - :bronze

Craft Rabbit Snack


See the map for the rabbit location. All but one animal are easy to hunt. Just command the falcon to attack and she will then proceed to murderficate them in gruesome ways. For the ones that burrow or bury their heads just walk up to the burrow spot and they will pop out. Your attack command will remain active.


Once you have the ingredients, take them to a cooker and toss them in to craft the snack.


Rabbit Meat + Red Pepper + Red Pepper = Super Red Bun



Cold Cut - :bronze

Craft Lizard Snack


See the map for the lizard location.


Lizard Meat + Green Fruit + Green Fruit = Super Green Bun



Sand Queen - :bronze

Defeat a Sandwolf


Sandwolves are the only aggressive animal in the game and the only animals you will need to fight. They hide underground and jump out at you when you get close. Smack them a few times with your baton until all their armor gets knocked off. Hit them again once their armor is gone to stun them. Send in the falcon to finish them off.



Outfoxed - :bronze

Craft Fox Snack


See the map for the fox location.


Fox Meat + Turnip + Turnip = Super Silent Roll


Fox Meat + Beet + Beet = Super Crush Patty



Mahawa Fried Chicken - :bronze

Craft Chicken Snack


See the map for the chicken location.


Chicken Meat + Potato + Potato = Super Rush Cutlet



Chevon - :bronze

Craft Goat Snack


See the map for the Goat location.


Goat Meat + Horned Melon + Horned Melon = Super Samosa



Affectionate - :bronze

Pet Falcon for 1 Minute


Petting the falcon heals her half way but it only takes a few seconds for that. This trophy doesn't seem to be cumulative throughout the game but it doesn't have to be done for an unbroken minute. She can get jittery sometimes and refuse to stay on your hand. As long as you immediately call her back and continue petting her it will count.



Snatched - :bronze

Falcon flyby grab item from hand


You will most likely have done this while getting Hot Drop. If you didn't then just hold something in the air (like a bomb) and whistle the falcon over. She will grab it out of your hand and pop the trophy.



Sky Delivery - :bronze

Falcon flyby drop item in hand


You will most likely have done this while getting Falcon Retriever. If you didn't then command your falcon to pick up something high up like the mushrooms in the mini game, some produce, or you can even do this after hunting an animal. Just wait until she flies back into the sky and then hold your empty right hand up when whistling for her. She still will sometimes land but the higher she is the more likely she will just drop the item to you. I'm not sure if you have to actually catch the item, when my trophy popped I missed but the item landed in my pouch. The mushroom mini game seems to be the easiest place to do this.



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Posted 30 August 2019 - 10:51 PM

Reference Map:





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Posted 01 September 2019 - 05:36 AM

Thanks Sef, I didn't realise this was also a non VR game. Keep up the great work

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Posted 01 September 2019 - 08:08 AM

I actually didnt realise it could be played without VR either!!

Thanks for putting this guide together :)




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Posted 02 September 2019 - 01:46 PM

Very nice little guide Sef.


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Posted 08 December 2019 - 06:22 PM

played it now, lovely little game, thank you for the guide :)




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Posted 09 December 2019 - 06:27 PM

Thx for the guide, perfect.


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Posted 21 December 2019 - 05:12 AM

Cheers for the guide, sef.


Quick note: the bowler hat is rewarded for scoring BELOW par - I got the trophy at par and got no hat.  I played again, got below par, and got the hat.  And it is required for the Penguin trophy - I tried just the monocle and bowtie and nothing popped.  Bowler hat + bowtie (no monocle) = trophy.

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Posted 24 December 2019 - 06:39 AM

Thanks, clarifying in the guide.



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