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Evasion VR - trophy guide (+DLC)

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Posted 29 August 2019 - 07:39 AM




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (main) 6,5/10 (DLC)
  • Offline: 47 (1 :plat 1 :gold 22 :silver 23 :bronze )
  • Online: N/A
  • Approximate time: 20 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Story + 3x Surivor + Grind
  • Does Difficulty affect Trophies: yes, both DLC trophies are for hard difficulty, main game can be played on easy
  • Does Difficulty levels stack: beating a stage on easy, unlocks all 3 difficulties
  • Missable trophies: None, there is stage select




Evasion is not very popular game and the only reason I found this was that it supports the aim point controller (VR GUN) as well as co-op. In addition it looks a little bit like Farpoint, so I was hooked just after seeing trailers. I didn't quite understand the story, in a big shortcut - robo aliens are attacking mining colony and you have to help survivors escape.


The entire game can be played offline, but Co-op makes this more fun, plus there is a bonus feature of revive it case your coop budde dies. Even though playing Solo make the enemies much weaker, fighting the main boss is still better done in coop as you can die there in a matter of seconds during wave 3.


The story consists of 8 levels plus a boss fight. Overall it's very short - you can do this in less than 2 hours easy. In addition there are three survival stages, which you need to complete on easy for the main game and for the DLC you need to beat 1 of 3 on hard.

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Posted 29 August 2019 - 08:11 AM

1S3272c7.png- Elite Vanguard
Acquire all other trophies


2S80b1c3.png - Try Not to Die
Completed the Tutorial


I recommend playing this not only because of the trophy, but this game is a bit more complicated than your ususal shooter. It teaches you to use leash and how to activate super weapon. Do what being told on screen and it will pop.


3S6ab54f.pngLoud & Clear
Restore Communications


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 1st stage.


4S1528b4.pngFly in the Ointment
Destroy the Nematodes


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 2nd stage.


5Sbcd7c3.pngPush Back
Secure the Forward Operating Base


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 3rd stage.


6Sc6e930.pngStop the Drilling!
Take out the Main Drilling Rig


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 4th stage.


7Sc3bbf2.pngBreathe Easy
Clear the Atmosphere


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 5th stage.


8S893e71.pngSpace Prospector
Find Red-6


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 6th stage.


9S9c6d6c.pngWhere In The World Is Carl Dyson?
Discover what happened to Dyson


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 7th stage.


Penetrate the Widow’s Defenses


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 8th stage.


11S8a847c.pngGet Off My Rock!
Defeat the Widow


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for clearing 9th stage (killing the boss)



Finish the Campaign


Story related, cannot be missed. This is for completing the story on any difficulty.


13Saf796c.pngThe Whole Arsenal
Use your Charge Shot, Tether Lash, and Surge Attack (Investigate Faro Colony)


This works only in first mission, what you need to do is use your charge shot - this is when you hold the fire button for 1-2 seconds to fire a charged shot and once you fill in the super (aka. surge attack) press triangle to activate it, keep firing and also hold L2. So basically the game asks you to do what you should be doing at all times. Firing charged shots and also activating Tether Lash during the Surge attack.


FYI: The surge attack meter is on the top of your guy. All three sections of triangles must be full and your shield will turn yellow. Please note that your gun become more powerful if you have the bars almost full, you deal damage. So if you don't see any hard boss - don't activate the Surge Attack as gun will be back to the weakest one. What I did here is I activated surge attack fired it for a very short while and than shut it down again with triangle to keep the lvl 3 of the gun power.


14Sb905ec.pngTwo Minute Drill
Destroy both infected rigs in under two minutes (Disrupt the Optera)


In the 2nd mission there will be two drills you need to destroy. I wouldn't worry about getting this in your first run. You can get back to this via mission select and this is best done once you will be more experienced with the game, which class you will feel more comfortable with and keep the surge attack ready for this occassion.

FYI: My favorite class was Engineer because of high damage.


Kill both "Wasps from Hell!!" within 20 seconds of each (Break the Silence)


Wasps are the mini-boss in the game, you will encounter them in few varieties, but in order to get this trophy this has to be done in the 3rd mission. What this trophy requires you to do is kill both wasps within 20 seconds, so damage them until you see a skull (Skull icon on the enemy tells you - that you can use the TETHER LASH and bring them down insta kill).

The thing about wasps is that one is always protected by the shield which makes it invurnerable, so in order to be successful you need to damage both to a low HP level or best both to show skull icons.

FYI: Always finish off the enemies with your thether lash as you will get green capsules (health) and yellow (power for surge attack as well as gun power upgrade).


16S72b85b.pngWrecking Crew
Destroy the Drilling Rig within three minutes (Rescue the Colonists)


Very easily done in 4th mission only, when you have your surge attack prepared for this.


17Seaac46.pngMegaton Drop
Destroy the Megatoma with a Tether Lash (Clear the Air)


Megatoma is another miniboss in Evasion. He has bunch of attacks, his homing missiles can be shot down as well as his 3 flamy/sparky rocket attack. Ofter you will receive power-ups for doing so. When you come close to him he does a circular flame attack, so don't stand too close and he also shots some regular unblockable bullets. When you damage him enough, you will see a skull icon on him. Use your tether lash and smash him on the ground.


FYI: If you will be doing this in coop the trophy only pops for the person who will do the lash kill.


18S5edfb1.pngSticky Fingers
Carry Red-6 to the landing zone without dropping it (Find Red-6)


In mission 6 slightly towards the end you will be asked to scan a rock, which will contain RED-6 substance. Your mission will be to deliver it to a pod, which is past some enemies. Do not pick it up, instead go further into the level and reach the dead end which should be like a bigger rock with canister for the RED-6 to put it into. Kill all enemies and get back to pick up the RED-6 you missed earlier. Now, simply walk with it and place where the game tells you.


Set off every explosive plate while completing the mission (Infiltrate Crater Town)


In 7th mission you will be asked to stand on some preasure plats to disrupt enemy shields. Surrounding those plats are some other, which you need to stand on. Make sure not to miss any plate and the trophy will pop after the mission is completed. There will be few sections for this, so don't worry just look around to watch for those preassure plats, they are all in plane view.


20S3847c9.pngFull Bars
Disable the Widow's shields without leaving the proximity spheres (Disable Widow Shield)


In 8th mission you will be standing in energy rings and basically shooting enemies. Don't leave the circles, there will be 2 sections and the trophy will pop at the end of the mission. Play on easy and don't die.



21S1f7f80.pngFeel the Surge
Use your Surge Attack four times when fighting the Widow (Hunt Down the Widow)


In the boss fight with the Widow, you will be fighting a giant spider thing who will rain bullets, missiles, bombs and all the nasty things. This fight will have three phases, you can check my hard video at the end of the guide. Definitely do this trophy on easy and shot as destroyable ordances she throws at you as possible - this is because those will give you yellow power-ups to charge up your surge attach.

You can also do a little trick with cancellation of surge, so use few bars on her (must be on her, otherwise it will not count), cancel surge with triangle and shot her bombs and kill the minor enemies that joined her for the fight. Bring them down with lash and collect the yellow/green capsules.


Once you use your 4th surge attack, the trophy will pop immediately.


22S260ee4.pngFloat like a Butterfly
Defeat one Dauber


Story related unmissable. Kill your first wasp. This is the easiest of bosses as it has lower HP than others.


23Seebba9.pngSting like a Bee
Defeat a second Dauber


Story related unmissable. Kill your second wasp. If you won't get it during the story, you will get it for sure during survival missions, which are also needed for the plat.


24S6007e3.pngEvil Beetle
Defeat a Rhino


Story related unmissable. This is another easy boss, who shots rockets/bombs from the sky. He comes in different configurations - you will be fighting him on multiple occasions. What he usually does in his more powerful verion is he drops 6 bouncy bombs. Remember to destroy them and you may be luck enough for a capsule to spawn.


25S41a609.pngMega Trouble
Defeat a Megatoma


Story related unmissable. Tips were given in the Megaton Drop trophy description.


26Sca4a3e.pngTwo Steps from Hell
Take 664 steps


This will be your first or second trophy. Should pop either in the first mission or in the second one.


27Sbb855c.pngScrap Heap
Kill 10,000 Enemies


This will be definitely your last trophy in the game, as even after doing all the trophies + DLC, you will have about 8K kills left to do. What I did was I replayed all three surival missions on easy difficulty (number of enemies is the same and they are weakest). At the beginning it will take you 45 minutes to do one survival mission for 400+ kills, but once you get better it will be around 35-40 minutes.


Replaying one mission will be super boring, so rotate between those 3. In order to get more enemies per mission, when you have the ring round (stand in the ring), wait for enemies to spawn and leave the ring. Kill everything, return to the ring until you see the next spawn and again leave. Rinse and repeat. That way you will be doing around 500 kills per round.


28S86a51c.pngPrime Time
Destroy 1,000 Prime Units


I am 99% sure that the prime units are the humanoids you fight with during story and survival missions. Do not worry about this, as it will pop sooner or later during your grind for the 10K kills.


29Sd8d57e.pngPutting the 'Bullet' in Bullet Hell
Discharge your blaster 100,000 times


This means shoot 100K bullets. Although it sounds like a big number, this will pop sooner than later.


30S17c3c3.pngHiginbotham Would be Impressed
Deflect 10,000 Attacks


Deflection counts when a bullet hits your shield. All clases have shields, some bigger some smaller. In order to increase the deflection rate, you can simply select warden to pop this sooner as he has the biggest shield. Again, I wouldn't worry about this at all since you have 10K kills to do.


31Se71894.pngLash Out
Deploy your Tether Lash 1000 Times


Use your lash to kill enemies with skull icons. This is very much what you have to do in order to collect health and power-ups. Also reminder to use your lash during super activation when your shield becomes yellow/gold for additional damage.


32Sbd889a.pngPut it on my Charge Card
Fire 10,000 Charge Shots


Will come naturally, remember that to way to kill enemies is to charge the weapon and release the trigger to deal more damage.


33S34845c.pngWalking Tank
Play a Mission as the Warden


In the main menu select Warden as your class. He is a tank in this game with a lot of HP and big shield. Good class for Hard Difficulty.


34S9a939e.pngBombs Away!
Use the Warden's Surge Attack 25 Times


Charge up your weapon and use the super (surge attack). Remember you activate super with :triangle

I think what Dim10 mentioned is that this counter is separate for story missions and surival missions, so you may as well do a Surival Mission 1 on Easy. Charge super, use one/two bars -> cancel super -> grab 2 more yellow power ups and use the super again. That way you can pop all 25 surges in one game.


36S18b4b5.pngThe Doctor is In
Play a Mission as the Surgeon


Also not a bad class, a lot of HP - fast heal when you use the tether leash on your co-op buddy, decent shield. My 2nd best class.


36S18b4b5.pngInvasive Procedures
Use the Surgeon's Surge Attack 25 Times


See bombs away trophy description.


37S53fc7c.pngFirst Strike
Play a Mission as the Striker


I think he deals the most damage, but has a very small shield - so a bit dangerous to play with. I didn't play much this class, but it's worth checking if this will suit your play-style.


38Scd918f.pngLocked On
Use the Striker's Surge Attack 25 Times


See bombs away trophy description.


Play a Mission as the Engineer


Definitely my favorite class. Awesome super and areal hits.


40S5c7da3.pngBug Zapper
Use the Engineer's Surge Attack 25 Times


See bombs away trophy description.


41S9bf867.pngAll Quiet on the Southern Post
Complete the Southpost Survival Mode


See: I Own this Crater Town Trophy description


42S80917c.pngPutting Bedrock to Bed
Complete the Bedrock Survival Mode


See: I Own this Crater Town Trophy description


43S642814.pngI Own this Crater Town
Complete the Crater Town Survival Mode


Surival missions consist of 10 enemy waves. Basically you have to kill all enemies spawning from various locations. In two missions, you will be standing in a golden ring to download some data. Use this to farm more enemies later in the game. 10th wave is a boss fight, in which you will find strongest version of the bosses you fought before. The main goal here during the boss fight is what it may sound weird, ignore the boss and shot his rockets/ orbs/ and try to catch yellow power ups. Use the super on him and rinse and repeat. When you focus solely on the boss, it will kills you with enemies it drops, bombs, etc.  You can check my video below how I played



44Sbf30d5.pngAin't No Bugs On Me
Complete all three Survival Missions


This will pop once you will beat all 3 surival missions.



45Sabd981.pngFriendly Fire
Shoot down all the names in the Credits


This is a very easy mini-game, which you have access to after the story end (killing the Widow). Simply shoot all the names (credits) you will see on  your screen. Takes 1-2 minutes, super easy.

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Posted 02 September 2019 - 07:46 AM



Here is when it gets harder. I highly recommend doing those with co-op buddy. Not only you can revive each other, but also using a Tether Leash on your buddy heals them and gives a short burst of some power class dependant (damage increase, health increase, damage resistance, etc. You can read in the HUB location under each class, there is a explanation of classas and what their tether does to your co-op buddy).

46S7e2a61.pngReign of the Endomorphs
Complete any Survival Mission on Bullet-Hell difficulty


Start surival mission on hardest difficulty setting which is the bullet-hell. Select your favorite class and best - find a co-op buddy. My recommendation would be doing either 1st or 3rd mission.



NOTE: this trophy pops only for the HOST.


47Sa17062.pngAdd it to your Resume
Defeat the Widow on Bullet-Hell difficulty


I think this is the hardest trophy in the game. What you need to do is replay the final mission on the hardest difficulty which is Bullet-Hell. Your friend will be the giant rock, use it to avoid most of her attacks. As you know there are 3 phases. The hardest one is the third one, because she drops the 4 orb enemies which can basically kill you in one explosion.


You can play this solo, but much easier would be to do this via coop. Credit to Dim10 who did this with me.

NOTE: this trophy pops only for the HOST.


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Posted 10 September 2019 - 07:34 AM

Alright, should be done. If you find some spelling errors, feel free to correct those.
I have added a co-op hard surival video (Dim10 credited)

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