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Rise Of Insanity - Video And Text Guide Full 100%

PSVR PS4 RiseInsanity Horror

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 12:16 PM





Trophies: 14 ( 1  :gold , 2  :silver , 11  :bronze )

Time : 45-60 mins 

Stack: Yes (NA & EU)

Other: VR is optional 

Controls:  :l2 = Move faster  :l3:r3  =  Move and look around  :cross = Pick things up, Confirm  :square =Read Notes

Developer =  @redlimbstudio

Review = http://ps3imports.or...y-video-review/




This is a First person Horror game, originally released on PC, Can be played in VR or without


"In Rise of Insanity, as a doctor of psychology you will explore the darkest recesses of the human mind. Overcome your fear to find the truth behind the tragedy that has befallen your family in this disturbing game experience inspired by the greatest psychological horror movies.
Set in America in the 1970's, the story centres around Dr. Stephen Dowell, a renowned psychologist faced with a difficult patient who shows distinct yet contradictory symptoms of different mental disorders. The life of the doctor himself is also shrouded in mystery – you must step into his shoes to find out the truth.
What terrible fate has befallen your wife and child? Is your new patient, on whom you are testing your experimental treatment methods, somewhat responsible for what happened? Who is to blame? Don’t lose your nerve and overcome your fear." http://redlimbstudio.com/roi.html
Things to Remember
Read all notes fully with  :square, you must collect all notes,drawing, armour and ducks in one sitting, open doors, drawers etc as you go towards a trophy .  In the Flying Section 1 do not hit the sides or other birds, During flying section 2 the first part is automated do not touch the controls when you get a bright light and your a bird then take over. If a trophy does pop you will have to replay 

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 12:47 PM

Video Guide





Text Walkthrough 





Note - Left hand drawer

Tape Recorder - On desk in front of you

Duck 1 - Cupboard to right of door bottom

Note - Side table by armchair

Photo - in drawer next to cupboard with lamp

Book - On book selves back of room

Open all openable doors and cupboards (Towards “Explorer” Trophy)


Hallway Upstairs 


Toy Car - Cupboard opposite open both doors

Open all draws and cupboards (Towards “Explorer” Trophy )

Magazine - Chest of Drawers 2 draw



Hallway Downstairs


Check and open all drawers and Cupboard (Towards “Explorer” Trophy)

Sheet Music - On piano


Front Room 


Note - on left table with lamp in front room

Do not turn the TV off when your wife tells you too! (“Rebel” trophy)




Open all drawers and cupboards

Note - Kitchen Cupboard

Note - Fridge


Wait in Hallway,  phone will ring answer the phone."Rebel" Trophy


Doctors Office


Check and open all drawers and Cupboard (Towards “Explorer” Trophy)

Tape Recorder - On desk in front of you

Note - Read note on desk

Note - Cupboard next to the plant

Exit office take door on the left


Room 6


Open all drawers and Cupboards (Towards “Explorer” Trophy)

Note - Bedside table

Exit room head to the lifts


The Lift will take you to the Morgue




Duck 2 - After you go through the first door, you will see a small lit area on the left next to some orange doors

Last door on the Right

Train - In sink

Picture - On left hand side

Head back to Lift




Note - Doctors Office

Code - Room 6 (629) eye chart

Back to the lift and the Morgue




Code - Head to the end door and enter the code 629 you will get a “Eye Check” Trophy

Note - On the Morgue slab

Try to leave turn around see changes in the room  and keep trying until you end in a different place


Bird Room


Note - left of cage

Click on the cage to fly the bird with the right joystick  :r3  just avoid touching the sides of the cave its very straight forward, you will get “Flying school 1” Trophy


At the end of scene pick up the phone




Continue forward on the path follow around until you see a man and get hit in the head

Key - In the wheelbarrow

Duck 3 - Next to wheelbarrow after you get hit in the head with a shovel on a little swim in between plants

Go back down the path to the green house and use the key to open

Note - On the floor in a drawer by the hook dangling from the ceiling

Note - On the table

Go back outside pick up the phone




Look around the room leave the bedroom and the picture will fall off the wall left hand side, go into what was the front room you will die and end up back in the bedroom repeat x5 for “Masochist” Trophy




Open all drawers and cupboards (Towards “Explorer” Trophy)

Drawing - Chest of Drawers on the left

Sword - Next to the chest of drawers on the floor there is a little chest (towards the “Sir Theodore Dowell” Trophy on other systems this apparently is buggy so hold it for 10 secs to be sure)

Note - Desk by window




Picture will drop off the wall read what it says do not go in the room where we die lol

Head down the corridor next to the stairs




Note - in table drawer with lamp on

You can see you need to find fuses and turn the light on in next room

Head through next door




Shield - Turn right on very end boxes (towards the “Sir Theodore Dowell” Trophy on other systems this apparently is buggy so hold it for 10 secs to be sure)

Duck 4 - Head in room closest to boxes on the right, it is on the gurney /bed

Note - On chair in same room

Follow path around to the board

Magazine - On floor by the notice board

Letter - On notice board

Fuses - Shelving rack at other end of room in a box on bottom

Photo - Fell on floor next to shelves

Return to room with the gurney

“Plumber” Trophy- Look again at the note on the chair then, Head to the pipes turn the top 3x , the right 3x and the bottom 2 x and you will get your trophy


Head up the stairs


Downstairs Fuse room 


Fuses - Place the fuses in the fuse box (Towards “Electrician” Trophy)

Open all drawers and cupboards on route (Towards “Explorer” Trophy)


Living room


Note - Bird on the shelving unit

Head to the Kitchen

Tape Recorder- Kitchen Table

Drawing - Fridge

Answer phone in hallway




Drawing - In front of you

Toy/Figure - In the Right room pinned to a bed

Photo - Next room on the right

Drawing - in the cot same room

Take the lift to the Lobby/Doctor’s

Open all drawers and cupboards (Towards “Explorer” Trophy)




Note - Room 6 bedside drawer

Tape Recorder - doctor’s office on desk

Note - On the desk doctor’s office

Head down the stairs where the exit sign is




Duck 5- Head into the toilets left door. Last cubicle

Toy/figure- In the showers

Photo- Head out and to the door on the right, on the desk

Toy/figure- In drawer on end


The screen will glitch and you will die, then you will be a bird again and must fly through the corridors without getting hit – goes towards next section ( first part is auto played  in hospital let it run , its only the bit with cave that’s you really short , your know if you have done correctly you will be at a phone answer) ” Flying School 2” trophy




Pick up torch on bench

Drawing - Go straight on the path then left on the wooden bridge

Note - Tool shed straight we passed it. On the back shelf

Duct Tape - On other set of shelf's

Head back to camper van

Open all doors of van ( this is where I earned my explorer trophy during one play and in another in the kitchen so just keep opening cupboards and doors) “Explorer” Trophy

Drawing - Open right driver side door of van

Tape - Open left passenger door of van apply tape to wires turn on search light “Electrician” Trophy

Duck 6 - By the back of the van is a well in a bucket next to it is the duck is there

Note - In the Greenhouse on a stone as soon as you walk in

Toy/figure - In a pit as soon as you walk in the Greenhouse

Go to walk outside, Phone rings next section


Living room


Drawing - Living room table

“The Ring” Trophy Turn the TV off walk a little away till you hear it come back on then head back to the tv

Head through the kid’s bedroom white door in the hallway




Duck 7- On shelf as soon as you go in

Book - Other side to where you go in

Drawing - On Desk “The Art Connoisseur “Trophy There are more drawings, so I will continue to mention them as I am not sure why it pops here  




Note - You can see on the far corner table by the rumble

Note - Bird head around the other side it is on a table

Tape Recorder - Table at the end of corridor 

Answer the phone downstairs 


Distorted area


Note - In desk drawer

Note - In Second area next room on the  Desk

Helmet - Around the desk (towards the “Sir Theodore Dowell” Trophy on other systems this apparently is buggy so hold it for 10 secs to be sure) “Sir Theodore Dowell” Trophy

Note - In next area on the piano

Note - On the piano chair

Duck 8 - On the  wooden walkway “Non- Missable” keep going on wooden path it will block turn around and back again duck will appear

Head through several doors




Drawing - On Kitchen Table

Key- Front room behind photos on shelf at end

Duck 9- After you get the key from downstairs behind photos, go upstairs, into Kids bedroom (white door) in chest on floor

Head opposite and try and open door

Note - Go to door at end of corridor on the left bedroom, its on the dressing table

Towel - Get the towel from the wardrobe and head back to the bathroom, hang towel on the rail

Note - next to bath

Leave room

Answer the phone downstairs


Lobby /Doctors


Note - Under picture

Tape Recorder- Room 9 on desk “Attentive listener” Trophy

Turn on projector, check the locked box.




Head to the lift, back to the morgue and run to the end

Light bulb - Last room on the left

Key - Middle room on the left there is a game press button order 2,4,1

Light bulb - As soon as you leave there is a lamp insert the light bulb or you will die

Head up in the lift




Duck 10 -  After you get the key from the morgue, open the chest in room 9 inside the chest

Note - In chest

Try to leave turn around see changes in the room  and keep trying  until you reach next area




Bolt cutters - Head to the shed on the shelf then go back to the gate and cut the chain

Follow the path to the lake shore

Duck 11- Left of the boat by a rock

Paddle/oar - lent up against the tree

Note - on the blanket

Get in the boat sail off




Note - on top of pile in first area you come too

Note - Second area on blanket

Duck 12 - Behind the 1st fortune telling game in the third area

Note - On tree stump in fourth area

Door appears




Go along the corridor through the jail doors then turn left by the green fly paper poster through that door

Duck 13 - Prison storage room amongst the boxes on the bottom shelf

Photo - Back of cupboard on shelf

Head through the door in this room turn left end of corridor first door on right

Code - On both tables and look at the notes and click on the radio (Tells you about Morse code and the other how to enter it)

Go to room opposite

Note - on desk

Code - Go to the cupboard and   Enter the code – R3, L1, R7 – take the key

Head back to where you walked through the jail door, instead of left go right

Note - Through the door on the left, on desk

Note - On desk

Open the box on wall and flip switch, head around other side

Note - on desk in the integration room

Head back opposite where your jail cell is to answer the phone




Note-  Bench in hallway where you start

Note - Inside court on bench 3rd row

Duck 14 - Court Room, Bench at the side of the very front bench

Note - On lawyers table when you get control

Head toward the judge for cut scene trigger

Walk through door and answer the phone




Head down the corridor to the first brown door

Note - Top draw desk “Nosey” Trophy

Go to next room and turn on the projector

Duck 15 - After the project film try to leave, turn around and again duck will be on a chair "Duck Tales" Trophy


100 % 


Your back in the house, go into the white door, kids bedroom, go back through the door, and along the path your be in the garden head to the gate locked turn back, the gate opens,  follow to the end.

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 12:47 PM

Guide Should be complete :) Any problems let me know 


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Posted 16 July 2019 - 03:20 PM

Guide is perfecto!   Great game too 

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Posted 18 July 2019 - 05:36 PM

Perfect guide, thx!


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Posted 20 July 2019 - 08:59 AM

guide is perfect, thank you

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Posted 25 July 2019 - 11:55 AM

great guide, thank you :)




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Posted 28 July 2019 - 08:14 AM

Guide worked perfectly!



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Posted 13 September 2019 - 05:39 PM

I enjoyed this game again for the stack :)

Really excellent text guide, thank you boss! Got the 100% with ease in 1 hour 4 mins :)




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Posted 28 April 2020 - 12:13 PM

Thanks for the walkthrough fluff! :)
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Posted 20 April 2021 - 12:03 AM

Thanks for the perfect walkthrough, Fluff!

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