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Feist - Trophy guide

Trophy Guide

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Posted 17 June 2019 - 07:34 AM


Guide by EssTee, Banner thanks to Sef.



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline trophies: 41 (1 :plat 4 :gold 8 :silver 28 :bronze )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0. Chapter select is available.
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No. There are no other difficulties than the preset mode.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: No





Feist is a multi-award winning, handcrafted indie action platformer game that is visually beautiful and enchantingly fun to play. It follows the story of a fragile furry creature and its desperate attempt to rescue its mate from the clutches of a pack of malicious beasts. It is set in a simple yet stunning forest environment, but don't be fooled! Nothing is as innocent as it appears... everything wants to kill you.


Feist is quite a short game, comprising of 10 levels. Each level is about 4 minutes long or less. The trophy list is a straightforward one, and trophy-wise your time will be taken up by perfecting a no death run for each level, and also completing the speedrun set times for each level.




Useful link - Video playlist showing you how to beat every level without dying and within the time requirement at the same time:








Step 1 - Complete all levels without dying


Each level has its own trophy for completing the level without dying. They are all very short so play through the level for fun first. Do note if something moves, it wants to kill you. Also traps and spikes will kill you. And near the end of each level is a larger 'Beast' who REALLY wants to eat you. Once you have seen where the enemies are and figured out methods to pass areas, on the end screen click 'try again' and go a nice safe route to the end.


There is no health bar indicator. I believe you can be hit about 5 times. It is unclear when death will happen! I also believe (though it is not confirmed) that if you have been injured, eating the little fireflies will restore a little of your health.


In some levels, completing the level without dying will also award you the time limit trophy, as you have essentially done an excellent run without wasting time restarting checkpoints.


My videos for all levels without dying can be found HERE.


Step 2 - Complete each level's speedrun time requirements.


Each level has a trophy for completing it under a set time. However, by the time you've mastered a run of each level without dying (for Step 1), you most likely will have already achieved the time trophy while doing that. Some levels are very lenient with their required set times and allow for some mistakes and messing about, whereas other levels (like level 1) require pretty much perfection.


Sometimes your route will need a little tweak. My videos to successfully get the time limit trophy for all levels can be found HERE.


Step 3 - Miscellaneous trophy clean up.


There are 20 miscellaneous trophies to get and most will be obtained through natural gameplay. Don't worry as they are mostly very quick and easy and fun to obtain. Any trophies you have missed can easily and quickly be achieved through chapter select in the options menu. See the descriptions below for what needs to be done to get these trophies.


A separate playlist of videos for all miscellaneous trophies can be found HERE.


...And Finally...Congratulations! This Feist Plat is now yours!

Click here to view the article


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Posted 17 June 2019 - 07:49 AM

Trophy Guide:

1S265043.png  Platinum :plat
Unlock all other Trophies
2S138787.png  Escape Artist :bronze
Free yourself from the crate in under a minute
The start of Level 1 - After A Long Night.
This should happen naturally. If not, you can get down in 3 swings - to the left all the way, to the right all the way, to the left again all the way until the rope snaps on the branch. Then hold down :right  while mashing :cross till your crate rolls down and smashes on the ground. If it looks slow and you don't get a good roll just try again.
3Sd9cc40.png  Flycatcher :bronze
Catch a fly in mid-air
Easiest in Level 4 -Down By The Lake - Here there are LOADS of flies.
Simply jump ( :cross) and aim for a fly mid-air and press :square to catch it.  Congratulations, you have yourself a new weapon! once you have caught a fly press :square to fire unlimited barbs that will kill all enemies!
4S2776b8.png  Good head on your shoulders :bronze
Don't get squashed by a hanging weight
Level 5 - A Bad Hair Day.
Your no death run will naturally pop this trophy. 
Link to the level done with no death HERE.
5S39006f.png  Hard luck  :bronze
Die during the quake after defeating a beast
First possible to achieve in Level 2 - A Picnic.
You encounter your first 'Beast' at the end of Level 2. When you have killed a Beast it will activate a quake, making the screen shake. During a quake, go back and find a pit trap or enemy to kill yourself on for the trophy to pop.
6S3959a8.png  Stockpile  :bronze
Use all burs by the river
Level 3 - Tools Of The Woods.
You will reach a section where you need to pick a bur out of the tree to use as a platform to progress to the higher rock.
In this area there are 7 burs.
1 in plain sight you used to progress up.
2 to the left from the one you used.
4 to the right on the higher section.
Use the stick on the far right to knock the 4 out of the tree, then carry your stick back down to the lower area so you can now reach the remaining 2.
7Sb09cf9.png  Strong cover  :bronze
Don't get hit by a dart trap before the cave
Level 2 - A Picnic. 
Reach the end of the level without dying from a trap.
Link to the level done with no death HERE.
8Se81e9f.png  Take a ride on the wild side  :bronze
Grab a beast's fur, hold tight, and take it for a ride
First possible to achieve in Level 2 - A Picnic.
At the end of this level you will encounter your first 'Beast'. Simply jump onto it with :cross and press :square to hold on. This may take a few tries as a beast apparently does not like being ridden. 
9Sec0087.png  Troublemaker  :bronze
Provoke an inchworm to hit another
Inchworms are first found in Level 5 - A Bad Hair Day.
Inchworms come out of the ground and spit barbs.  Just find a spot where two pop up quite close to each other, then pester them, jump around them, until one accidentally hits his mate.
A good spot with 4 inchworms is shown in this video:
10S128394.png  Vegetarian  :bronze
Complete a chapter without eating a midge
There are a lot of midges/little flies that hover around all levels in little packs. This trophy may pop naturally without trying. If not, just do a slow and steady run of an easy level like Level 1 or Level 2 taking paths to avoid the flies.
Potential trick: If you get near the end of a level then turn your ps4 off and on, resume the game and press continue, then finish the last bit of the level, I believe (though not personally confirmed) that it will register as no flies from that point.
11S5c770b.png  Ward off the evil  :bronze
Parry a sting projectile
Loads of flies in Level 4 - Down By The Lake.
Flies spit barbs at you. Pick up a stick; when a barb is coming your way, hit it back with the stick.
12S40a288.png  Watch your toes :bronze
Roll a boulder over a fly
In Level 4 - Down By The Lake.
When you encounter the first boulder of this level, wait until a fly is attacking you from the other side of the boulder, then push. Or: carry and throw a fly under the boulder, then push.
13S2399bd.png  Who placed it there anyway?  :bronze
Find a pine in the mine
Level 6 - Dwellers In The Dark.
When you see your first crate, on the ground next to it will be a higher or a lower route. The pine cone is on the higher route. Push the crate to jump on it and jump up, pick up the pine cone and the trophy will pop.
14S2eab26.png  Never feel lonely again  :silver
Free your mate
Story related and cannot be missed.
When you have completed Level 10, pick 'next level' on the end screen and an unplayable outro/ending will play where this trophy will pop.
15S71ecbe.png  Ouch!  :silver
Defeat a beast with a stick
Pick a level that the area the beast is in is dense with throwable objects and sticks.
A beast takes about 10 hits to die. A log or acorn are indestructible throwing objects, so they are great to repeat throwing to get a few hits in. Then use the sticks to finish the beast off. A stick will break after one hit, hence pick an area with plenty of sticks.
It can also be done any level with only 1 stick if well-timed.
16Sc483d9.png  Pure luck!  :silver
Avoid all the pit traps
Level 10 - Playing With Fire.
This trophy will pop naturally when you have completed your no death run.
Link to the level done with no death HERE.
17Seae4ec.png  Run like hell  :silver
Escape the collapsing mine without being crushed
Level 8 - All Good Comes From Above.
This trophy will pop naturally when you have completed your no death run.
Link to the level completed with no death HERE.
18Sff747d.png  Avenger  :gold
Defeat all beasts
There are beasts in every level except for Level 1, Level 6, and Level 8.
Some beasts you HAVE to kill to exit the level, but some beasts you can just run past, which is great for the speedrun. When you encounter a beast for the first time, make a point to kill it one run so that you don't have to come back to it at a later time, as the game will not keep track or you.
Level 9 - Ruins Of The Past - has 3 beasts. (But all three can be quickly and conveniently killed with the two trip-wire traps.)
Level 10 - Playing With Fire - has a fire throwing Beast. (kill by using sticks to hit the fireballs back at him.)
19Sc2a549.png  Barbecue  :gold
Lure 10 ticks into a fenlight
Level 9 - Ruins Of The Past.
Mid-level will be a section dense with pine trees, with a ton of ticks (look like spiders) and a fenlight (looks like a fireball).
TRICK SPOT: Stay low until you see a narrow burrow on the left that you can only just fit in, which is an excellent hiding spot. Now go all the way to the right to activate and agitate even more spider ticks to follow and chase you, then go back to the left to hide in the burrow where they can't get you. Bring a stick just in case a crafty one gets through. When the fireball has killed 10 ticks, the trophy will pop.
20Sa0c151.png  It was never meant to work like this  :gold
Defeat the teleporting beast with a fly
In Level 5 - A Bad Hair Day.
This misc trophy will be the hardest, and take you the longest to get.
In the middle of the level pick up a fly and carry it to the end where the beast is. Use :square while carrying the fly to fire barbs at the beast, or let go and the fly will attack the beast of its own accord and hopefully the trophy will pop. 
Or: If you die in the beast's area, backtrack. There are more obstacles to slow the beast if you go back into the area, making it easier to kill him. You'll need two logs to stand on to exit the area to the left to backtrack. Pester the beast so he follows you, then keep going to the left until you reach the flies again.
21S3f3e12.png  Natural born brawler  :gold
Defeat the three beasts in the ruins without the use of traps
Level 9 - Ruins Of The Past.
Beasts take 10 hits to kill. For quick kills -avoiding the traps- pick up an indestructible log and run towards the beast while mashing :square.  It will create a hit, bounce, catch, hit, bounce, catch, fast kill rhythm. Stick to the left, as the two traps are on the far right.
22Se849b1.png  Jump start  :bronze
Complete level 1 «after a long night» in under 2m 30s
Very tight time limit. (I've only ever beaten it by 4 seconds.)
A good start/good roll out of the starting crate will determine if you get this trophy. If it feels slow, start again.  Also, if you don't correctly do the jump from the mushroom to the higher log it will take too much time to rectify, so start again. 
Speedrun video HERE. (in the video jump to 1 min marker to skip the first mistake. I left it there to show that you can get a good or bad crate roll even if you do the same thing.)
23S6439e4.png  Relay race  :bronze
Complete level 2 «a picnic» in under 2m 10s
This time limit has room for a little error. (I had 13 seconds spare).
The way to save time on this level is not to try to fight the beast at the end.  Instead, run back under the log and activate the hidden dart trap when the beast is above you. A trap will instantly kill a beast.
Speedrun video HERE.
24Scb1cee.png  Steeplechase  :bronze
Complete level 3 «tools of the woods» in under 4m 00
Lenient time limit  (I made mistakes and still had 24 seconds to spare).
The tricky spot you may lose time on is the bur section, depending on how quickly you manage to correctly place the burs on the rocks to progress up. You only need two burs to get up.
Ignore this level's beast. Just keep running past it.
Speedrun video HERE.
25S623ba7.png  Dancing in the rain  :bronze
Complete level 4 «down by the lake» in under 3m 45s
Lenient time limit (I had 1 minute to spare).  You have time to die and restart checkpoint and still pass this level.
This is a very manic level for enemies; there are dozens of flies. If you get through it may be a touch of luck. Try to kill as many as you can on your way but for the majority just run for it. 
Don't try to kill this beast. In the beast's area just run and jump past him, and jump on the logs on the other end to get out as fast as possible to exit the level.
Speedrun video HERE.
26S152e51.png  Parkour  :bronze
Complete level 5 «a bad hair day» in under 4m 50s
Lenient time limit (I had 50 seconds to spare).  You have time to die and restart checkpoint.
Try to get the timing right for the swinging log to get up on the ledge, or you may lose some time there.
TIP: Carry a fly for as long as you can. Having a permanent weapon (fire with :square) is very useful for dispatching inchworms quickly and setting off traps safely and quickly. 
Speedrun video HERE.
27Se857eb.png  Short break  :bronze
Complete level 6 «dwellers in the dark» in under 4m 00s
Very easy level with a lenient time limit (I had over a minute to spare).
To exit the first area quickly, jump to where the exit path is with a stick. When a spider tick jumps on the crate blocking the exit, hit it, and it will open the exit for you.
Remember to go high when there's a choice of route as you need the boulder to progress. If you haven't gone high you will need to restart.
Speedrun video HERE.
28Sfc879e.png  Brief visit  :bronze
Complete level 7 «trespassing» in under 4m 10s
A tricky level.  It can be done quickly, but its safer to take your time.
When you are waiting behind your protective crate as tick swarms attack, don't wait too long. But wait long enough that it looks like its 'thinning out' and will be safer to exit.
You may lose time on the bridge.  You need to flex the bridge by jumping then using the curve when it's at its highest point to jump out. Practice a little to make this easier.
Speedrun video HERE.
29S59a3b8.png  Rollercoaster  :bronze
Complete level 8 «all good comes from above» in under 1m 45s
A fast level, no room for error.
There are three rock falling sections for you to quickly dodge, and a final slope section with continuous falling rocks that if you just keep running and jumping you should make it. There's a bit of luck involved at the end so if you die just try again.
Speedrun video HERE.
30S7eb8e8.png  Raid through the ruins  :silver
Complete level 9 «ruins of the past» in under 4m 30s
Room for a few mistakes, but not many.
The tough part is in the trees, and finding a good route. I recommend always carrying a stick to kill ticks in your way to faster navigate the tree sections.
There are three beasts at the end of the level.  The fast way to kill them is not to fight them, but jump past them, jump over the two traps, and wait on the other side. They will come towards you and all three will kill themselves and you will be safe.
Speedrun video HERE.
31Saa51ef.png  Fire walk with me  :silver
Complete level 10 «playing with fire» in under 3m 30s
Very tight for time level.
What will determine if you get this trophy is all down to how quickly you manage to defeat the fire beast at the end.  I recommend trying to use the same one fenlight (fireball). Once it hits, the beast will stagger a few steps back, come in close to try to hit the same fenlight again while in the stagger state. Rinse and repeat... hopefully. Though it is definitely tricky so expect to need a couple of attempts. Good luck!
Speedrun video HERE.



32S32879c.png  Early Bird  :bronze
Complete level 1 «after a long night» without dying
Completing this level without dying is easy.  There are only two things that can kill you, but it's not instant death; you can take about 5 hits.
Ways to die in this level:
Flying Wasps. (Injury).
Caterpillars. (Injury).
When a wasp-type-looking creature tries to strike you from above just time it right to duck under them or jump over them. These enemies can also be killed with one hit from a stick or any throwable object.
A caterpillar barely moves, so just jump over them or use a throwable object to hit them out the way if they are blocking your path. These enemies can not be killed.
No death videos HERE.
33S8baee2.png  Trapper  :bronze
Complete level 2 «a picnic» without dying
Easy level.
Ways to die in this level:
Caterpillars. (Injury).
Dart traps. (Instant death).
Beast. (Injury).
This level you first see dart traps - trip wires on the ground that activate darts from above. Hide under ledges to protect yourself, or throw an object to set it off from a safe distance away.
This level you also meet your first beast, the 'bosses' of the game. Kill them with traps to kill them instantly, or if you fight them they will take about ten hits to die.
No death video HERE.
34S12c10f.png  Allrounder  :bronze
Complete level 3 «tools of the woods» without dying
Simpler to survive level, harder to get the time limit. 
Ways to die in this level:
Dart traps. (Instant death).
Flying wasps. (Injury).
Caterpillars. (Injury).
Fly. (Injury).
Beast. (Injury).
This level you first meet a fly. They fire barbs that will injure you. They will take 2-3 hits to die. Or if you throw one onto a spiked caterpillar with :triangle it will instantly kill the fly.  You can catch a fly with :square and then fire barbs yourself as a weapon with :square.
No death video HERE.
35Sa854e2.png  Water strider  :bronze
Complete level 4 «down by the lake» without dying
A very manic and tricky level to survive. May need a little bit of luck.
Ways to die in this level:
Flies. (Injury).
Caterpillars. (Injury).
Beast (Injury).
There are so many flies here. There are two methods you could use, either take your time taking out each fly one by one, or you can try your luck and just run for it - as I do.
No death video HERE.
36S53f025.png  Lumberjack  :bronze
Complete level 5 «a bad hair day» without dying
Troublesome level. 
Ways to die in this level:
Inchworms. (Injury).
Flies. (Injury).
Log traps. (Instant death).
Teleporting Beast. (Injury).
Falling log at the exit. (Instant death).
This level you first encounter inchworms - they come out of the ground and fire barbs at you. One hit with any object will kill them.
You also encounter log traps - a trip wire on the ground with a log overhead. You can see the area the log will land so just avoid that area, or activate the trap from a distance safely with a throwable object.
The falling log at the exit is a sneaky instant death. At the far right of the end, look to the top right of your screen and you'll see it.  It is the quake that activates the log to fall once you have killed the beast. Just stay to the left, and once it is on the ground use it as a platform to exit the level.
For this level I recommend carrying a fly for as long as possible, as having a permanent weapon for killing enemies and setting off traps is very useful. 
No death video HERE.
37S2df9c9.png  Spelunker  :bronze
Complete level 6 «dwellers in the dark» without dying
Easy level.
Ways to die in this level:
Ticks. (Injury).
Inchworms. (Injury).
This level you first encounter ticks - they look like spiders. They can be killed with one hit of any object.
No death video HERE.
38S00a333.png  Intruder  :bronze
Complete level 7 «trespassing» without dying
A tricky level to survive.
Ways to die in his level:
Inchworms. (Injury).
Ticks. (Injury).
Beast. (Injury).
Falling rocks at the exit. (Instant death).
The falling rocks at the exit are activated by the quake once you have killed the beast. Just stay to the left until they have all fallen and then safely exit the level.
Use the spot to hide behind the crate so that the inchworms can kill the majority of the ticks for you. 
No death video HERE.
39Sd79271.png  Avalanche rider  :bronze
Complete level 8 «all good comes from above» without dying
Easy and quick level.
Ways to die in this level:
Falling rocks. (Instant death).
Ticks. (Injury).
If you take your time you can see where the rocks will land and can dodge those areas.
No death video HERE.
40S3d9834.png  Archaeologist  :silver
Complete level 9 «ruins of the past» without dying
A quite long and troublesome level to survive.
Ways to die in this level:
Flying wasps. (Injury).
Fenlights. (Injury).
Ticks. (Injury).
3 Beasts. (Injury).
2 dart traps. (Instant death).
Falling rocks at the exit. (Instant death).
In this level you first encounter fenlights - they look like fireballs/orbs. These can be killed in two hits with a stick or throwable object.
The falling rocks at the end are again activated by the quake once you have killed all beasts. Just stay to the left until they are on the ground. 
The tough part of this level is the amount of ticks in the trees, i recommend trying to always carry a stick to kill as many of them as you can, or even using the 'barbecue trophy' method to get rid of loads of them, making your path much clearer and easier.
No death video HERE.
41S40c895.png  Fire eater  :silver
Complete level 10 «playing with fire» without dying
The hardest level of the game to survive.
Ways to die in this level:
Spike pits. (Instant death).
Fenlights. (Injury).
Ticks. (Injury).
Dart traps. (Instant death).
Flying wasps. (Injury).
Fire beast. (Injury).
This level you first encounter spike traps. After any ledge requiring a jump, below there will be spikes that will instantly kill you. Use the crates to make the jumps.
When you first try the level the fire beast is very hard to kill, and most likely will kill you many times. He takes ten hits and can only be hurt by hitting back his fenlights with a stick. A few practices and learning how the fenlights move and you'll master this. Also take advantage when the beast is in a stagger state after a hit, move in to try and get a few more hits while he's helpless. Good luck!
No death video HERE.


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Posted 17 June 2019 - 08:24 AM

guide is complete


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